Abrolhos north

 Planned a trip out to North Island, Wallabies etc with a mate, ended up launching at Kalbarri yesterday and motoring across.

The weather looked to have a wee bit of rain, but this is what happened from midnight and still going.

Secure on a mooring so no issues but it hailed at midnite and 40 knots.

Visiting friends along the way here for a week.




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 Jeez Rob, the forecast was

Mon, 2024-05-13 08:13

 Jeez Rob, the forecast was keen and I had a look at the radar and thought 'jeez i am glad we're not over there'.

Trip home should be a bit easier but there are a few north easterlies there....

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Tue, 2024-05-21 04:32

Wow that some serious weather, boat does look awesome  


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