access to white point

 g,day just chasing some access info, camping spots ,etc for white point.We wish to take our quad bike ,so all the national park areas are out ,eg black point to walpole,and have heard differing reports on the area.

been to black point,jasper,yeagarup ,warren etc so do know the general area, but just not white point thru to augusta, thanks in advance





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Its private property but

Tue, 2011-03-29 12:21

Its private property but pretty sure access is generally unrestricted as people tend to cut gates/fences if they want to get somewhere. Theres shady camping right behind the beach. Don't know exactly how you get in there apart from its off the Black Point rd.

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Scott river

Tue, 2011-03-29 18:38

Forget the name of the road but you head in on the next turn right about 7 miles east of Sue's road, head due south untill you get to a tee junction just over a small bridge, turn left and its about anouther 10 miles down on the right. There used to be a sign opposite the gate, then down a pretty sandy track to the beach.

We used to get in through a property on the western end untill some bastard shot up his stock. So real good holes if you are prepared to travel to the western end past the big bay and sand dune blow out.

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many thanks

Tue, 2011-03-29 21:19

 great info ,prob head down after easter, just wasnt sure if there was proper beach access and lots of places to camp like the warren or yeagarup.   As a side note the only reason ( as told to me by 2 seperate rangers) fishing style quads for beach use are not allowed in national parks ( a hell of a lot of south coast) is not the damage that they could cause ,but because they are not covered by 3rd party insurance.I was told if i injured myself i would probally sue the park!. Is this da U.S.A boy.

I have argued my case that a 250 kg quad driven correctly would have less impact than a 2.5 tonne 4wd driven by a nong, and they agreed but its out of there hands.

I contacted the special vehicle licencing division in perth, eg exh, and quads etc

and was told in no certain terms ,quite rudely i might add, that hell would freeze over before a offroad quad would be road licenced.I pointed out the w.a road registered quads in coral bay or the police quads in gero that had plates, and was told basically to bugger off.

So if i cross the road behind s bend or other local caravan parks i risk a fine, we cant use them sensibly on most remote beachs in W.A because they not licenced, but if i am willing to pay for 3rd party they wont licence you anyway.        I have been offroad fishing in W.A for 30 years, love and respect the areas i fish

but get treated as a criminal by owning a quad.  And i know the idiots on bikes exist,as well as 4wd idiots ,boats etc but think its bloody un australian to treat us that way.I also drive a white gq nissan, so the next time a white gq owner gets done for speeding ,dd etc will i get tarred with the same brush?

This lock it up , treat 500 normal people badly because 1 idiot stuffs up rule sucks.

this is a cop out people and i challenge discision makers to start pinging the fools and leave the rest of us alone.

thanks , the proud quadfisher



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Both our quad bikes are

Wed, 2011-03-30 08:37

Both our quad bikes are licensed. Due to archaic licensing classifications its licensed as a tractor but its still licensed. Other option is to get the bikeshop to license it before you buy and transfer it.

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link to offroad lic regulations

Wed, 2011-03-30 09:06


Farm vehicles

Off road type vehicles licensed for use on a farm will be conditionally licensed, subject to a roadworthiness examination.

An application to license a farm vehicle is provided below.

If you have a heavy farm vehicle (over 4,500 tonnes) that is only used for seasonal work, such as seeding or harvesting, refer to seasonal vehicle licence.

How to license an off-road or farm vehicle

Once the vehicle has successfully passed a roadworthiness examination, you will need to attend a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional Agent to apply for a vehicle licence.

If possible, we recommend you print out and complete the required forms below, and bring them with you to the Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional Agent, along with proof of proof of identity and age (accepted forms of identity documents are provided in the fact sheet below).

Application to license a farm vehicle, concession (Form MR39)551.39 KBOff-road vehicle registration (Form MR141)543.57 KBIB-122B - Licensing of vehicles not designed for on-road use (Information Bulletin)104.89 KBProof of identity - primary and secondary documents44.73 KBVehicle licence and examination fees (includes permits)397.44 KB


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above info

Wed, 2011-03-30 09:14

 according to the above regulations , not being a farmer , the only way to register a quad

is if its required to cross a gazetted road, as long as the vehicle saftey and standards section of licencing agree and provide you with a letter( look in ib-122b) this is the mob and rang and was told: no chance mate: even though i do have to cross roads to access spots.

the slighty defeated quadfisher.



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Thu, 2011-04-07 17:30

 I sympathise with Quadfisher as I have owned three wheelers since they were introduced in the 70's but at the minute own a TRX 350 fully set up for fishing.

The problem I have is the "Dick-Heads" that own Banshee type quads that have zero intension of going fishing and are there to tear up the place as if it's their own.

Problem Childs.

Whilst down at Thomas River National park recently, the ranger of the day turned up to rudely inform me that under no circumstances was I to remove my Quad from the trailer. A lengthy discussion took place, me listening to most of what he had to say and one thing caught my ear.

This was that I could turn up with a licenced trail bike and tear the beach up as much as I like.

Reason, Third Party and the short of it all, thats what you get when you are street legal. Sad but true.

Good luck.


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hey i know of peole who have

Fri, 2011-04-08 18:51

hey i know of peole who have quads licensed as tractors not sure how they managed it but the licensing centers down south arent as strict so going down there or using someones addres from down south to use at the center may be a way around dealing with the city idiots.

i also ride motorbikes, i race professionaly and i hate the idiots that ride there bikes on roads and destroy everything and just because i have a motorbike i get branded the same as the idiots out there when the only place my bike will ever see is private property and licensed motocross tracks.

i know for areas like lancelin you can get off road licenses for motorbikes including quads and all they need is a headlight and a working rear brake light and that covers your third party insurance so that may be another way around it.


always looking for a new challenge!!

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thanks for the support

Sun, 2011-04-17 19:43

 but sorry chris fish , the 6 dollar a year ( 12 to start with to cover the plate ) off road lic has no third 

party cover, its only to comply with the offroad vehicle act that covers lano, gnangara etc, and the tractor licence 

requires a farm area and road name bit that appears on the licence,that you must carry on the machine.

so if your licence says smith farm ,pemberton ,covering smith and jones roads, thats all you can cross.

but your right ,once out of the metro things change,theres not 6 degrees of seperation in some country towns!

iv'e watched the dukes of hazard,haha

damm it just feels shithouse to try to do the right thing ,only to be beatn,

the buggers that screw it up have no conscience anyway ,so they dont care and barrel along reguardless.

oh and its true that a road lic trail bike can go anywhere ,but without the lic ( w.a road reg) the same bike is in breach of the rules, 

the down but not out quadfisher.




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Sun, 2011-04-17 22:06

Quadfisher, if your into bureaucracy try and get a firearm licenced in WA.

What type of quad are you running?


WA based manufacturer and supplier of premium leadhead jigs, bucktail jigs, 'bulletproof' soft plastic jig heads and XOS bullet jig heads.

Jigs available NOR at Shorecatch, Bluewater Joondalup/Myaree or online in my web store!

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kymco quad mxu 400

Mon, 2011-04-25 21:18

 this is the cause of all my troubles ,sounds innocent doesnt it?

its not,its the devil,haha

400 cc ,high /low range

irs rear,standard braided brakelines.

i got it brand new at a auction ,rrp at the time $8990

i payed $ 3400, hey you must win 1 sometimes,get ripped off with 

every thing else!



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Mon, 2011-05-02 21:09

 just got back,white point access all good,great spot to camp but all the gutters were weeded up after the post easter blow,

and the odd one that wasnt didnt have any salmon anyway.Fished just before the new moon , and on rising tides

of course,still no salmon.





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Seen a couple good fish

Tue, 2011-05-03 13:40

Seen a couple good fish pulled from the point itself before. 2 grouper within 15 minutes of each other.