Alarm systems

who has one? Brand ? Company ?


Want to to be able to arm perimeter of house while we are inside. I have an 11month pup but he is in training at the moment. He's a big scary am staff who cries when a moth swoops him. Not the type of dog to end up on today tonight. Lol



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At the end of the day most

Thu, 2015-11-26 20:59

At the end of the day most alarm systems will do partial arming to the perimeter.

Main domestic brands include:

Interlogix( DAS) -  Problt the best and easiest to use.

NESS - Does a pretty cool vib sensor


Companies that i can vouch for are Blueforce Security or NSS. Nether will be cheap. Note that systems with lots of perimeter detectors ( Glass breaks/ reeds/vibrations sensors) are not cheap, they are a pain to install. I wouldnt even consider a wireless system unless you had!


PM me if you want to know anything specific.