Anchor winch installation

 Hi guys

Just about to start an anchor winch install on my plate ali and curious as to whether I will need to reinforce the bulkhead where the winch will bolt up to.

If I do need to get a plate welded in , who can you suggest North of the river.

Oh yeah its a LoneStar winch, sold me when I saw the winch comparison on Youtube , would suggest anybody look at that before deciding on a brand to buy.

Cheers Katman

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 I put a plate 50% larger

Mon, 2018-01-08 16:54

 I put a plate 50% larger than the base of the winch on the inside of the bulkhead and bolted through, I didn't weld the plate and have had 5 years troublefree. Its copped a fair flogging here in Albany the best 2k i have ever spent



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You just need to look at what you are bolting it to

Mon, 2018-01-08 18:22

 if the plate section you intend to bolt it to is of a proper thickness, just drill the mounting holes and bolt it up. but it will need to be at leat 5mm thick, IMO--3mm is commonly used for bulkheads, and is not up to the sort of force these winches can exert. it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have welding done, if you can source a piece of ali plate that will extend over the section you intend to bolt it ot, but that will depend entirely on the construction of your boat. Say, for eaxample, you have a 3mm plate where you intend to bolt it. Probably not strong enough in the long term, it will deform and crack, most likely. But if you put a piece of 5mm over it, cut to size out towards where the original plate is welded on, this will stiffen it right up and stop any flexing . then the original weld will probably be strong enough. If you do bolt plate over another piece of plate, smear it all with grease before you bolt it up, so water cannot sit between the plates and cause crevice corrosion. Getting another piece fully welded welded over the top , right out to the original dimensions is the best way, but the method I have just described is next best.

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 Thanks guysWould feel better

Mon, 2018-01-08 20:30

 Thanks guys

Would feel better with a plate welded onto bulkhead as I can imagine the forces generated

Will post up and ask about a good welder North