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Andy Mac's Photo's - Perth's Metro Monsters

I've been having a look through some of Andy Mac's photos and there are some absolute gems!


Spanish Mack
Spanish Mack

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There is no question Adam!

Wed, 2006-03-15 17:31

This man catches fish and knows how to photgraph them.
He ought have his own magazine or TV show - no doubt about it!
Who knows - maybe he does! ;o)

Every one of those shots is eminently "publishable' IMHO - now one or two if submited with a decent article, to the right mag might elicit $250-$350 for a covershot (depending on the magazine) and say another 250 for the article..of say 1500 well chosen words!

Damn, I hope you have your cheque book handy Adam! ;o)


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You are too kind - either that or you're drunk again

Wed, 2006-03-15 22:23

I am extremely humbled by your comments Flywest and if the truth be known I am a little embarassed by them too. Its true I have caught a heap of good fish on my home patch and plenty more in foreign waters from time to time, but making a living from fishing as you know isn;t all that easy. I have often thought of writing a few stories and finally did just that last week. Who knows it may even get published, so keep an eye out for it.

As for Adam's cheque book.......perhaps he can give me his account details and I can direct debit him for the use of my pics and video's on a pay per view basis. Now I just need to find a way to link all those porn search engines to my pics and I'll be rich. LOL


Andy Mac



Andy Mac (Fishwrecked Reeltime Editor & Forum Moderator)

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You catch on fast Kimosabi!

Thu, 2006-03-16 00:07

No - haven't been on the turps tonight - Don't be humble Andy - you have great digital images there - those are all $ shots for the fishing magazine trade!

The "trick" if you want to call it that - is being able to string together the right words!

You need to ensure you are colorful /descriptive in your choice of words - add maybe some levity etc and even be exuberant in your choice of adjectives!.

Try to think of your introduction, as the teaser,or chum, that you toss into the water to peak the fishes interest to get it to stay with you and then bite the baited hook so they can't get away!.

Your intro needs to do that with the reader.

Let me plaigarise, or breach copywrite or whatever it's called, to 'reproduce' here a para or two from the intro to a chapter to demonstrate what I'm saying - of a book (Hooked on Adventure - Steve Starling) isbn 1 74117 085 0 Explore Australia publishing 2005.

(There I've given Starlo full credit for the excerpt that follows!)

I don't think Steve would object to me using a few of his well chosen words to encourage a fellow writer to improve his work, because he's a mate of mine and I was with him on this particular fishing trip, assisting him with pics etc..


With the sun just sneaking clear of the horizon it was hard to see into the black water, but immediately there were several powerful swirls alongside. I worked a few meters of sinking flyline out thru the rod runners, hauled once and shot a short cast over the melee.

Pulling another armful or two of loose line from the reel, I grasped the drag knob and cranked on extra pressure as the big streamer fly sank quickly out of sight. It was zapped instantly, and I jerked hard on the line with my left hand, lifting with the right to pull the rod into a deep, throbbing curve. The spool hissed in response to a couple of powerfull surges. I kept the rod low, using it's powerful butt to exert pressure, the tip now flattened out along the thrumming flyline. The connection to the flourescent backing clicked slowly into the snake guides, but didn't quite clear the tip, and then I was cranking and pumping, recovering lost ground against a deep-plugging, head-shaking adversary with considerable weight.

A glimpse of that fish made me swallow. Its cobalt pelvic fins showed first, then the glowing pink of it's thick body, like an ember in the base of a camp fire, the whole apparition jewelled in sequins of electric blue. If theres a hornier looking fish on the end of a line, than a big snapper at dawn, I haven't seen it.

How descriptive is that? Makes you want to read the whole book, no?

I don't know many who can weave together descriptive prose, as well as this writer...

Course he gtes a little more $ than I mentioned in my first post for most of his articles because he is so good and has the public profile! The fact he was a english teacher in a former life, probably helped some too!

Get into it Andy - it's not so tough - you know - they say theres a book in every man!

I'm still workin on mine! (Working title!)

"Karri's, Jarrah's, Gilgies & Jumping Trout" - "an estoteric ramble thru the tangled shrubbery of one man's muddled mind!". ;o)

Heck - squeezing the disproof of Einsteins special theory of relativity (yeah never loan munney to relatives!) into it - is going to take some doing, but I shall manage somehow!


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"Kimosabi" That must make me the "Loan - Arranger"

Thu, 2006-03-16 09:10

Tonto (Flywest),

You / Steve Starling have inspired me to give the writing caper a go (part time of course, as I still have a finance broking business to run). I know what you mean about Steve Starling's prose, it is exceptional and something a lot of fishing writers are probably trying hard to replicate. I will do my best and see what happens.

Just copy Steve in on your first post and tell him to watch out for a story in the mail, complete with heaps of "money shots" (Fish that is). I will need his address too so you can e-mail me that privately. Hey, that;s a lot to ask, but I am sure he gets a million submissions every week and never gets time to read any of them. As a fishing buddy of his any priming you can give him might make all the difference between being lost in a pile of articles or moved to the top for a cover to cover read.

In respect to your own budding literary aspirations, if you write a novel with some of the one-liners you have used on past threads I am sure it will be a best seller.

"Hi ho silver....away!!!!"


Andy Mac



Andy Mac (Fishwrecked Reeltime Editor & Forum Moderator)

Youngest member of the Fishwrecked Old Farts Club

Posts: 485

Date Joined: 04/02/06

Go to town Tonto!

Thu, 2006-03-16 20:18

Yes I'm reminded of the ol Bill Cosby line..

"Go to town - Tonto!"
"Go to hell - Kimosabi!"

Every time ol Tonto would go to town - The bad guys would beat the snot outta him, and then the Loan Arranger (very witty indeed!) would have to ride in on his trusty steed Hi Ho Silver and save his sorry Injun azz! ;o)

Starlo, is another fishing scribe Andy (albeit a very bloody good one!) just like the rest of us (except with his profile, he gets paid a wisker more than the rest of us)!

The trick is to get that first then second article published...and unless things have changed very recently Steves not yet running his own publishing house (but I stand to be corrected if something's changed, whoever knows in this crazy fast moving world!).

However - you need to look at where an article might have most interest - i.e be most "publishable" and then submit it to that particular magazine editor!.

I seem to recall submitting a few to Bill & Helen Classon in years past on freshwater fishing and then there was one to Flylife Magazine in Tassie on Pink Snapper on fly, and Modern Fishing from memory plus a few for various internet websites like Fishnet& sportsfish Australia etc...

You need to decide where you would like to publish (ie which audience, and what you want to show, tell, share, teach them, or just plain entertain, if that is your bent)!

Most of those pics of yours look to be local stuff around Perth - so is a WA Audience the best place to publish and if so - with who? Wangler, Hotbite FishingWA etc etc...

You could always Publish here if Adam is looking to source content for his site!

Then again you could open your own website - and sell DVD's and downloads of your stories, articles, photo's, instructionals, etc etc.
Mind you it is a very tough market!

Nothing ventured nothing gained Andy!

The hardest part is maintaining quality, quantity and consistent writing effort!

I have no idea how Starlo does it, the man has a tremendous ability for recall. I've shared enough rooms, boats, huts, camps, tents etc with him, to know he doesn't seem to make any diary notes or dictaphone messages to himself..

Yet - I've seen a book published 5 years after a trip - with details that even I was struggling to remember, all that time later - and he writes it so vividily, it's as if you were only there yesterday!

To this day I do not know how he does that - I suspect he is one of the few genuius with a photographic recall memory!

Secondly - he is a prolific photographer!

A good fish gets many many different photographs (all different) in rapid succession (I know, I was taking them). These he keeps in his library, catalogued - and only ever used once!

Some get into a mag article straight away, some for a book down the track, some in a calendar and so on etc etc..

You need to get very serious about taking good pics!

All his are great, many of mine are only so so!

Also- he writes anything up to 5 or 6 articles fromjust ONE trip!

One might be a travel featuire for the airline in house magazine, one for womans day one for Modern Fishing, one a boat review etc etc..alll from one trip!

When you can do that - you still won't be making enough to give up finance broking Andy!

The fishing media industry is a poor mans game Andy - I suspect Rexy made his "fortune" from Footy TV moreso than fishing, but he MAY be the exception to the rule!

I KNOW with some certaintly pretty much what Starlo & Buschy made from the 3 series of Hooked on Adventure and trust me Andy -it wouldn't cover your annual parking fees back in the days you worked for the bank! ;o)

Writing & being published are great acghievements and your work exists for posterity for possibly a long time! It is NOT by any means a fast track to unimagined wealth!

Bank roberry on the other hand.... ;o)


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