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I know a couple of people who do a bit of freediving off the islands round here so I'm keen to give it a shot & try something new as it sounds like heaps of fun. I need advice on what sort of gun to get. Not sure what they're worth but I guess I would be willing to spend up to $400 for something decent. Would probably use it for coral trout, snapper, bluebone at first and then maybe pelagics later on but not at this stage.

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Tue, 2007-02-13 05:14

Just so happens I can help with this one mate, Look at the sparid range of guns from Rob Allen. Damn good gun and real accurate. Your in Karratha now right? Was just in at Karratha outdoors and sports or whatever and there prices are as good as you will get anywhere and they are $375.

While I got you here mate - r u related to Chris Burgess?



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Ive got a woodie 1400.

Tue, 2007-02-13 05:30

Ive got a woodie 1400. Brought for around $300 i think it was a while ago. These arent a bad gun but im by all means not expert. Caught some nice fish on it though.

Keep it tight, reeeeeeel tight!

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Spearing snapper

Tue, 2007-02-13 11:33

You'll find snapper are one of the hardest fish to get as they "spook" very easily, esspecialy the big ones. I like a gun with a foam cover on the entire shaft; this ensures absolute stealth around the rocks, and when you turn the gun under water the swivels dont rattle against the aluminum shaft.

Cheers Jason

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Wild Blue - N.Z.

Tue, 2007-02-13 11:37

Oh, forgot to mention; and you can also Google "wild blue" - extreme free diving and spear fishing in Auckland, New Zealand. They have awsome gear and good advise. Darren Sheilds is the owner, one of the best free divers in the N.Z team - He published a wicked DVD too.

Cheers Jason

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take the tip off and get a smokey

Tue, 2007-02-13 16:04

works a traet but i think it is still illigal

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Pneumatic gun

Tue, 2007-02-13 20:17

I use a Seac Sub Asso-75 pneumatic gun. Very good for bottom fish...

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Mares Airguns are

Tue, 2007-02-13 23:16

Mares Airguns are deadly...easy to handle...shoot straight, load in seconds....

and u dont need be re-arming a laccy band...

Your most important investment should be a good mask and snork ;)
Tusa have served me well got a pay for good gear but you know that... these more experienced dudes sound like they might know some horn brands

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Agree with Salmo

Thu, 2007-02-15 11:49

When you buy a good silicone mask, and the dude in the shop says soak it in tooth pasty water for a week: believe him, the fluoride clears the silicone off the glass stopping them from fogging up.

I heard potatoes also work?

A good fitting, low volume mask and nice soft snorkel is the go for free diving. When the weed hooks on your snorkel, it's got to be soft enough to bend before breaking the seal on your mask. Nothing worse than that half way through a stealthy dive!

Cheers Jason

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just remember

Thu, 2007-02-15 15:29

just remember to take the potatoes out befor entering hey stingray?

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Fri, 2007-02-16 11:34

That's right potatoe king, they make the vis very poor if left in the goggs mate!!

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Thu, 2007-02-22 21:02

U should come up to hedland for a day trip Jay .
We'll take u for a dive bro.

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whats happening fellas

Sun, 2007-03-04 11:43

Firstly awesome site - big shout out to all the West Aussie boys making it happen!

Wish I was there to get out on the water with you.

Since moving east I have been getting into the spearing in Sydney - latest gun is a 1.1 RA Sparid - tracks really well underwater, about 300 bucks. check out the other big site is Rabitechs are also really popular over here.

Anyway rock on and good luck gettin onto the fish!


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Rabitech Hunter

Tue, 2008-09-30 22:25

yeah, I have a rabitech hunter rail gun 1200 size with a 3/4" rubber. Bloody awesome gun, 7mm sprung stainless spears 200mm over barrel size. A great gun for the price. The only upgrade I made was to attach a bungee chord to the spear line because it didnt come with one standard.

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Bought one

Tue, 2008-09-30 23:16

Think Jay got the rob allen metery today, the boys are jumping in tomorrow apparently.  Not going to be the best vis and  I've got a feeling there might be a furgle story outa tomorrow's effort, its about time someone see's a goody.


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