Hey guys, this may sound a little stupid, not sure!

but anyways, i read this forum atleast 4 times a week, living through all of your stories seeing as i cant go out and catch the fish myself haha (dont know enough spots close to home and lack of mates who are interested).


But anyways, out of curiosity, i have seen alot of people talking about ballooning and catching bigger fish off of the beach. Can anyone tell me what its all about? what gear you need and how to go about it?? sounds really cool!


I honestly doubt i will ever get a shot at doing it, but would just like to know what the go is!


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Best to do it when theres an

Mon, 2012-04-23 23:07

Best to do it when theres an easterly, so it takes the bait out to sea, not back into shore...

the balloon is essentially a float, with either a dead, atrificial or live bait attached to it, usually designed for predatory fish that hunt in the top water collum...



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steep point

Tue, 2012-04-24 19:03

 if you want to get the gist the best place to have a look is prob youtube. if you search ballooning at steep point you will get an idea of the gear and the idea behind ballooning.some of the footage is alittle old but it still good to look at.