Jerry Brown Hollow braid needle's

hi guys


i have just ordered some Jerry Brown 80lb hollow braid on the net and have a question relating to the needles used to insert leader inside the braid.


firstly has anyone else done or currently use this method in Perth on their own gear?


secondly does anyone know a good place to purchase the needles used to join leader into the braid? ideally within australia if possible?


The idea and planning behind all of this is to run and match up the following gear


Daiwa Interline 60 - 100lb rod

Saltiga SALD 35 2 speed overhead reel

Jerry Brown 80lb hollow braid and then join a 80- 100 lb leader without knots and by using the chinese finger claw method



if any of you have any experience with the hollow braids and joining leader directly to them without knots I would really appreciate some advice










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Black Pete do a great needle

Tue, 2012-04-17 20:56

Black Pete do a great needle set for this mate, should be available at most good tackle shops or they can at least order it for you. Some really good how to's on you tube, a good 4 - 5 foot insertion with a whip and glue finish at the end of the hollow fibre is the go.

Good luck, Daisy


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cant help scano.

Wed, 2012-04-18 08:38

But i have made wind-ons with jerry brown hollow. Ive found the Cortland green spot easier to work with.


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scano, We can order you in a

Wed, 2012-04-18 09:12

scano, We can order you in a JB #60 pipe needle for splicing 80-130lb leader. Send me an email with your details and we can organise.