Beginnner looking for advise on some gears for saltwater FF

Hello all,

I just started into looking into fly fishing and hope to start soon :)

I looking to get some advice about some rods and equipment

I realized how $$$ fly fishing can be with their gear but I thought I go with something cheap to start and slow make my way up

I set out to spend around $300 for a package to get me started.

I looking at catch a huge range mostly I fish for salt water like herring to tailor maybe odd mullaway....

I do go down south of Perth to hunt for some trout and red fins I am
sure it be like spinning tackle where if you have setup for saltwater
its not that effective in freshwater ?

I did pop by my local fly
store (fly world) Chris was very nice and informative though the
package he recommend was out of my budget range....

Would recommend any beginner to have a chat to him :)

fly fishing rods and brands >.> are very different from my normal
spinning tackle gears I hope to get some insight into some packages
that I have able to find on the net that fit my budget. Though any
recommendation or help would be great :)



3) Ross FC outfit

4) Redington Crosswater 4 piece Rod

5) Innovator Distance 8/9-weight, 9'

Thanks in advance



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The main problem with gear

Wed, 2009-06-10 10:44

The main problem with gear for both freshwater and saltwater is more to do with the conditions than the fish. You could pick a spinning rod combo that'd work well in the salt and fresh. The main size liniting problem with fly gear is not the fish, but the wind. You'd want something 7-9wt just for casting when winds around (as I presume Chris suggested). For trout, you'd want something a lot lighter though (not much wind in FW areas comparitively, plus a lighter line will land softer so it wont spook the fish, and a lighter rod will be more fun to play with the fish).

The main thing to figure out is what you want to fish for and where. Keep in mind, especially as a beginner you wont be able to cast very far.

(I'm a beginner as well, so wont really be able to offer much advise on most gear selection. If you know what you want to catch, where and how much to spend, then Chris will be able to help you pick out exactly what suits).

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Innovator mate, snap it

Wed, 2009-06-10 19:06

Innovator mate, snap it which i have done with a few fly rods and $60 gets ya a new secttion no questions asked. Ive got 2 innovator fly rods and for the price are a good option, carnt comment on the others as i havnt picked one up and had a cast. Reels i would be suggestion at a lamson konic, good value for money think they had a write up in the latest hotbite mag.