bimini rust re dipping info needed

 Hey all recently removed staino bimini of my c craft welded up cracks added brackets polished back up to shiny put on boat rusted in a week flat  as far as i can see ill have to get re dipped in chrome  any info or any idea on cost of this or any other solution appreciated cheers craig

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 If it's stainless you need

Sun, 2018-06-10 15:05

 If it's stainless you need to get the welds passivated to eliminate free iron in the welds. It won't affect the integrity but aesthetically doesn't look great. 


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 As andy said, its a simple

Sun, 2018-06-10 15:12

 As andy said, its a simple process (if you havent refitted it already)

Just a matter of brushing on a pickling paste (Nitric acid?) and washing off after 20 min.

But it wont get off the rust your seeing, only stops it forming. So you need to get that clean.

Do NOT use a normal wire brush, or even a SS wire brush thats ever touched mild steel as it will do the same thing.

Dont get pickling paste on your boat!


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 As above, and find out what

Sun, 2018-06-10 20:58

 As above, and find out what filler rod was used on the weld. Sounds like the welder may not be familiar with SS welding.

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Mon, 2018-06-11 21:46

 316 mate