boat stuff ups

Just heard of an expensive stuff up . A fisho put 231 ltrs of fuel in his boat but filled up the hull through the rod holder.

That's a big oops.  Anyone else ever done something like that


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Mon, 2023-02-06 06:59

 I've put the fuel nozzle in a rod holder and pulled the trigger to immediately notice what I had done, but it is beyond me how somebody could possibly put 231 litres in a rod holder and not notice!! I'm pretty sure that the video online showed an Ali boat couldn't have been more than 5.5-6m..... Expensive mistake with todays fuel prices. 

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ive done it, and its easy

Mon, 2023-02-06 09:17

its not hard to do if you fill up on the ground, and not get in the boat. I had a rod holder rght next to the filler cap.... it was thankfully only 40L, and the auto bilge pump fired up and started spewing premium onto the concrete.


I have heard of the exact same scenario as above, and when the bilge pup started, ignighted the fuel, and burnt the rig to the trailer.

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 Yeh I certainly understand

Mon, 2023-02-06 10:16

 Yeh I certainly understand how easy it is to mix the 2 up, exact same scenario as you mentioned for me..... In this scenario from the video that I caught online, I just dont know how alarm bells didn't start ringing much earlier!! Looked to only be a relatively small ali boat with maybe a 70-90hp outboard so I'm assuming not much more than 100L capacity total. 

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 Yeah I sent the mrs to

Mon, 2023-02-06 07:46

 Yeah I sent the mrs to walpole bp for some mower fuel and she witnessed the same.Came home hour later said he pumped a good hundred bucks into the rod holder and didn't notice till is pissed out the bungs.Shut the servo with evacuation and all,had to push all the cars out to the road to get everyone going

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The video is doing the founds

Mon, 2023-02-06 07:48

The video is doing the founds on facey. 



We were heading down Armadale Road towards the freeway heading to the ramp a few years back and there was fuel (based on the overpowering smell) dripping out of the bung. I wondered if they did the same. 

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 I've heard of one time it

Mon, 2023-02-06 09:36

 I've heard of one time it happened and the bloke leaned inside to switch the isolator off to prevent ignition and the isolator clicking over ignited the fumes. 


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hahah this happened to me 2

Mon, 2023-02-06 10:56

hahah this happened to me 2 weeks ago! luckily only 6 litres before i realised, but i actully thoguht to myself, "why is itnt this hose fitting in easily???" then i heard the dreaded splashing sound! luckily only small amount, and straight away cleaned, pulled carpet out etc.../wont be doing that again!!

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yeah remember going out

Mon, 2023-02-06 12:08

yeah remember going out once....forgot me hat

Another time spent a minute or so tryin to push the boat of the trailer to then realize the back strap was still on..

Forgot bungs once...maybe twice... get back to the boat and there's a foot of water in it.

Another time...still dark sparrows fart middle of winter, trying to pull the boat off the trailer slipped straight in, fk that was a cold wet trip out.

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Never been guilty of that

Mon, 2023-02-06 17:51

 But Doug  Clegg did it once. Don't understand how it was left for so long?


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 In the US there was a court

Wed, 2023-02-08 20:07

 In the US there was a court case against Boat Tow as an inexperienced passenger did the same on a boat alongside a wharf.

Skipper rang Boat Tow and reckons he was told to disconnect the batteries which then exploded with fatal consequences.

unsure of the outcome


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nasty - i suspect the outcome

Thu, 2023-02-09 08:09

nasty - i suspect the outcome was not good for (both actually!) boat tow - knowing the US legal system it is tilted to the lowest common denominator! -example, a camper hire company got successfully sued in the US because someone hired a "self drive" winnebago - on the highway the driver left the wheel with the bus on cruise control to go and make a coffee - the bus crashed and he sued them as he took the term "self drive" as meaning the bus would drive itself.......
how fkd up is that country

back to fishing :-)

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 The USA is fun but they are

Thu, 2023-02-09 10:46

 The USA is fun but they are seriously screwed as a society. This is a perfect example!


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 Mate of mine did it to mine,

Thu, 2023-02-09 11:58

 Mate of mine did it to mine, about 20L into the hull and turning my foam flotation to slop (napalm). Clogged the bilge pump and was a fken nightmare to clean out. 


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 Not good Andy!

Thu, 2023-02-09 12:43

 Not good Andy!


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 No was not happy Dave.Beside

Thu, 2023-02-09 13:30

 No was not happy Dave.

Beside that in New Zealand atm and got out fishing yesterday and actually did well, will  post a report when I get 5 mins.

Drinking too much Chardy lol


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 Good for you Andy! How much

Thu, 2023-02-09 15:18

 Good for you Andy! How much chardy is too much? 


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The answer is how long is a

Fri, 2023-02-10 15:12

The answer is how long is a piece of string ;)


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My cousin has done it

Fri, 2023-02-10 19:55

My cousin has done it emptying about $400 worth of fuel into his hull. Not to be outdone he recently got his fuel tank repaired and went to fill it up before a trip, he'd got about 100 litres in before his Mrs says "did the boat always take diesel"? He couldn't even put it into his use before the mechanic had put around 20l of unleaded in there to prime and test the outboard bwahaha. I only bring it up about once every 3 weeks...

My biggest whoopsies are:

Collecting the ramp at a very busy Dunsborough with my prop trying to drive on the trailer after forgetting to trim up.

Changing from an inline fuel sensor to an engine interface and failing to recalibrating it. After a few hours and many miles I conked out about 400m from Hillarys lighthouse and had to call Sea Rescue for a tow. Pretty embarrassing especially when they leave you at the busy launch side of the ramp and shoot off and you have to cop abuse for retrieving there.

Getting pulled over by Marine Safety who were hiding in the canals and getting stung for an expired boat licence. Something had glitched out when paying it on DoTDirect after hitting submit and I didn't twig that I hadn't received a comfirmation email etc. Luckily I was able to register and still head out and land two big pinkies and huge KGs and flatties.


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