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Hi Folks,

New to Fishwrecked and forums generally, so please forgive lack of ability with this media.

After reading an article in Western Angler (I think) some time ago by Ashleigh Boyce and some adventures of "Kimberley Salt", I,ve been keeping an eye out for more information regarding a trip out of Derby. Planning to go round to Horizontal falls and rtn. About 8 days worth I reckon. The contributors to Fishwrecked Forums have been incredibly helpful. Big ups to those who share their stories and adventures. My juices are flowing and your tips are very welcome.

Planning for early June 2020 with 2 x 5.8 meter Trailcrafts. Others boats are welcome, particularly with experience in the area.

Being a natural worrier, I’ve spent an amazing amount of time trolling up information from tides to menus to fuel loads and spares.

Would appreciate advice on a couple of things that have me itchy:

Navionics overlays – Do they work with Lowrance gen 3 HDS 7? And are they available for the area?

Night routine – I see pics of beached vessels and also read volumes on never beaching at night. Would love to hear from the voices of experience regarding night routine and anchoring advice in this high tidal part of the country. While I’m selecting neap tides for the trip, crew welfare is always 1st priority, so getting a sound night routine understood is important. GPS coords are always wecome for safe anchorage and camp sites.

BTW I lived in Exmouth for 16 years and return for a couple of weeks each year. Have fished most things from creeks to Gamex to deep dropping, the usual. Happy to share experience. 


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Bucket list

Fri, 2019-07-26 15:02

this trip is on my bucket list as well. 

My boat mechanic did the trip a few years ago, some great photos and he said he’d do it again but only with the right people as you need to work as a a team.

One thing he said was good was to get in touch wth the local sea rescue mob up there.

Apparently, the electronic charts can be a fair way out in accuracy as well, he said.

Some good articles done on this by trailerboat magazine contributors. Seamedia, from memory

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 Thank you for the feedback.

Sun, 2019-07-28 14:32

 Thank you for the feedback. Some very useful and interesting reading.