Cocos Island

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if anyone could give me some info on Cocos Island?  My family are heading there in November and I'm just wondering if there are fishing supplies available to hire or do I have to take some gear? 

It's more a family holiday not a fishing holiday but would love to get out and have a good days fishing.

I've got some mixed info so not sure if I should take some gear or not?




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Awesome fishing spot

Sun, 2016-09-04 20:03

Great fishing on Cocos, we go every January for a week.

Lagoon is full of big bonefish and some nice permit, also lots of big silverbiddies which are great eating. Can access these from the 2 jetties

If you can get in touch with the Malay locals and get you out on a boat, plenty of Napolean wrasse and peacock coral trout and flowery cod, also yellow lip emperor

Also in season you get sailfish, spanairds and wahoo, some of the locals deep drop for Ray's bream and big dog tooth tuna

Also spear fishing is great, got some big bump head parrot fish

As with everywhere nowadays loads of sharks can kill the day

The local store only sells a few hooks and sinkers, you need to be totally self sufficient with your gear

Respect the locals and they will look afer you, this is not like Bali for drunken louts

Hope this helps



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HiThat absolutely helps thank

Sun, 2016-09-04 20:17


That absolutely helps thank you very much for the info.

its a family holiday to scatter a family members ashes so definitely won't be a drunken louts holiday.




 One day I'll be a good fisherman ........