Computer whiz needed

Im pretty cluey on computers,well used to be. But my computer keeps crashing, not sure why. I dont really have the time to try fix it. Anyone work in the IT tech inndusty and want to give it an overhaul ? Will pay $

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Hey dude, To me it sounds

Thu, 2007-03-22 14:48

Hey dude,

To me it sounds like ya need to reinstall your windows operating system. But make sure ya backup all ya files causee you'll lose it all when ya do this. What windows system are ya running?

Do you have a antivirus and spyware removes on ya computer??

Iam one of adi's best mates by the way.I think i as like the 4 person to become a member way back in the development days. Iam on the sites all the time but never comment cause i dont fish much!!

Let me know and i may be able to help!!

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nah i re-installed windows

Thu, 2007-03-22 16:07

nah i re-installed windows twice now, same probs. Thinking either dodgy video card/card drivers, or over heating . But it all looks fine to me.

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Problem PC cure-all.

Sat, 2007-03-24 01:24

I got a trojan in my toolbar which reinstalled the a virus every time I booted up.
Picked the damn thing up from a far-east web-site when I was researching the manufacturing process of the high-end jigging blanks.
My free software didn't stop it entering and wouldn't remove it for me either, tho it did identify it on the free scan.

I solved the problem tho - with a 2lb hammer!
This method comes 'highly recommended'!

The new set-up works like a dream, but I've paid for my own security software from the start, its a Bullguard package and hasn't made one mistake to-date.

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Shizz, need some more info,

Sun, 2007-03-25 17:26


need some more info, when does it crash? during bootup or during regular usage?

check the fan is working on your graphics card - you can get a replacement at your local store reasonable easy. remember to take the card or at least the fan in with you. they come in multiple sizes.

if your fans working, it could be a driver issue - probably related to data corruption - if your PC is constantly rebooting itself this is not uncommon.

If the PC is rebooting while starting up, boot into safe mode and see what the last driver it tries to load is - if its the AGP one thats a good indicator of hard drive corruption.

Next on the list would be hardware issues - namely gfx card, hard disk, ram, then motherboard.

my methods of trouble shooting rely on checking the cheapest stuff first, coz they are easiest to replace :)

hope that helps.


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both fans working, checked

Sun, 2007-03-25 17:51

both fans working, checked the cpus temp when it crashed , its a p4 3.0 and it was about 74 degrees, only has a standard cooler. Is that too hot? maybe its the cpu not the gfx.