Coral Bay off the shore?

G'day FW crew,

Never fear, I'm not asking where is good to fish in Coral bay off the shore (I have used the search function) however I am wondering if anyone has been up there recently and how they went off the shore? Any beaches go really well? any bait fish around? 

heading up there in school holidays like many other punters and their families but unlike many of them we sadly don't have a boat. still love the place even if all i do is wander up and down the amazing beaches all day with SP's and lures and every now and then jump in for a swim/snorkel. tough life. Any recent repors would be very much appreciated!


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Picked up a few healthy

Fri, 2012-06-29 08:53

Picked up a few healthy flatties in the beach fishing area just past the main lookout (can't remember the name of the point there) when I was there in May. Got four in an hour on softies and baits.  Some other guys were getting  fat sand whiting there too.

Squid were hanging around the boat ramp and I saw an absolutely honking queenfish smash a school of mullet there too... of course it disappeared before I could tie a lure on.

We fished Maud's Landing as well but that place is barren as. Never had any luck there other than small trevs that hang around the solitary patch of weed straight out from where the road heads onto the beach.

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Was up there at the end of

Fri, 2012-06-29 15:42

Was up there at the end of may and there was one guy catching spangles off the wall at the ramp while we were lauching the boat in the morning.

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Maud's landing

Fri, 2012-06-29 20:20

Give Maud's landing a go, usually get some good fish from there at times.