Current nw winds

Just wondering if any one has been giving the North Mole or South Mole a bash with these N/Westers blowing. I was informed that 2 days ago someone landed a couple of pinks there. Not sure if it was from the end or near the kiosk. My auntie works with this person who apparantly caught them??

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me and dogsoldier went last

Fri, 2007-05-04 15:46

me and dogsoldier went last night and i caught a reasonable size tailor sum bloke said his mate was catching 7-8kg pinkies off of it durting the big blowout a couple of days ago... tho havnt heard of any mulloway or salmon caught there

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North Mole

Fri, 2007-05-04 18:48

been out to the end a couple of times this week..lost a fish on thurs morn which was definatly a big pinkie by the way it was head shaking! bent out my hooks in the end!
was talking to some of the locals down there and they said that tuesday there was about 4 pinks landed and wednesday 2 pinks were landed all around the 5-6kg 700mm fish...apparantly a estimated 10-12kg pink was dropped at the rocks! which i would find hard to believe!
theres some salmon around and heeps of bonito!
some seriously big fish there..cant wait till the next storm





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Sat, 2007-05-05 17:28

What bait where you using? I'm thinking of going tomoza to get some bait from the harbour with the missus...quality time...for some fresh bait for pinks. MAXY