Deep drop braid

I have to respool my mega twin. What line does everyone use and where to buy from? Looking to buy 1200m of line. 

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 Call me old school but still

Mon, 2020-06-01 11:53

 Call me old school but still prefer saltiga boat braid.. just ordered 1800m spool from anglers warehouse over east to respool my megatwin. 

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Mon, 2020-06-01 18:42


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Tasline 80lb allegedly advertised at rated over 120lb

Mon, 2020-06-01 20:52

I reckon it's actually much stronger... very very hard to break.

Saw an independant test somewhere result showing more like 160lb.

Really, really good. best part - it's "thinner" by actual breaking strain, so less drag in water.

Yes - more expensive - but really good.

Had some big sharks on Exxy couple of years ago and really struggled to break the line.

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 Tasline is aussie owned and

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:09

 Tasline is aussie owned and almost aussie made too. The braiding machines have been installed and are going through final commissioning. 


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 That line sounds the go.

Tue, 2020-06-02 07:11

 That line sounds the go. Probably look at it next to.e I need some


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Actually the tasline website says

Tue, 2020-06-02 18:59

Made in New Zealand. 


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 Jump on the busted fishing

Wed, 2020-06-03 07:08

 Jump on the busted fishing fb page and he has a clip of the braid machines running. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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 Made in Melbourne now.

Wed, 2020-06-03 08:35

 Made in Melbourne now. Website says-


Tasline Elite was designed and manufactured by Tasman Textile Technologies Ltd. in New Zealand until 2020. Over 30 years experience in the braiding industry, together with a proprietary after braiding process has made Tasline Elite one of the best braided fishing lines today. In 2020 all of Tasline’s equipment and processes move to Melbourne, where the manufacturing of this fantastic product continues.

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how do you guys spool your

Wed, 2020-06-03 08:01

how do you guys spool your reels?


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 I have the reel spooling

Fri, 2020-06-05 11:15

 I have the reel spooling gear from Busted Fishing which is well priced for what you get and it means that when you hear things like "just reverse your braid" or "take the braid off and make sure the spool isn't getting corroded underneath" or "mate can you help me spool up" you have nothing to fear.   It's the best.

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 Vote 1 for Tasline. I

Thu, 2020-06-04 06:16

 Vote 1 for Tasline. I ordered a spool from Mo Tackle on Sunday and it arrived yesterday.


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