DHI - June/July

Hi All,

Just chasing a little advise in terms of weather conditions and feasibility of fishing the western side of Dirk Hartog Island around June/July months. Planning on a little trip over to the island around this time of the year, but just unsure what the conditions are usually like.

Had a bit of a gander around the net to try and find some information, but didn't really find much info that was relevant.

Anyone been up there around that time of year and can provide an insight into the swells/winds etc?



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 I'll send you a pm with some

Tue, 2016-01-12 09:57

 I'll send you a pm with some details mate 

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May in the Bay

Tue, 2016-01-12 19:47

Was there fishing land based in 2013 conditions were great.
May is the best however from experience April and June are
almost as good.