electric jockey wheel

 has any 1 out there got 1 of those electric jockey wheels and are they any good 

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I have and use the opti tec.

Mon, 2017-11-13 09:03

I have and use the opti tec. While it is a pain in the arse! I have no option as the trailer is 8.5 metres long and weighs over 1500kg dual axle. The only way to get it out of its hard stand area is with an electric jockey wheel.

If I didnt have to use it I wouldn't but it pulls like a mule, can scrub the rubber off the tyres if you turn it too hard, will do a slight incline if needed. Down side is that the unit is quite heavy to carry, put on and off the trailer. They are all about torque so move quite slowly. If I had the option I would put the trailer somewhere else.


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 I have one I don’t use it

Mon, 2017-11-13 20:11

 I have one I don’t use it any more but it used to move my 18 footer up the driveway with ease. It is slow but I couldn’t push the boat up the small hill with 2 people. I might have tucked away if your keen.

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Just got one

Tue, 2017-11-14 13:07

Found it ok so far, won't move the two tonne cat though, works on the 5.65 Haynes ok and the Quintrex 4 meter no problem, the old Derben weighs about a tonne, and that is no problem. I have a sharp turn from the garage and a fairly steep up hill ,used to have to use a rope from the tow hitch, due to the angle, but the electric wheel works.

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I've got one

Tue, 2017-11-14 13:24

I got one of the cheap ones from an old camper trailer/hybrid we had. 1800kg single axle if i remember correctly. Worked well on flat ground, struggled with an incline but manageable if you gave it a bit of a push as well. You also need plenty of ball weight to keep traction. Was easier to use with the camper trailer as I could power it from the Anderson plug right on the drawbar.

You can get one for $223 with free delivery until Thursday on ebay. (Code PREZZY for 20% off)