Emergency Response by Boaties

My mate and I were offshore fishing yesterday off Bunbury when we noticed orange smoke from a Distress flare coming from a nearby boat. As we headed over to help we saw another boat heading over to assist, I looked out on the horizon and saw 3 more boats coming to lend a hand. My 27meg radio was on channel 88 but did'nt hear any chit chat regarding the incident until sometime afterwards when the towing boat made contact with the strickened boat and asked him to go to another channel. Apparently the boat in distress lost all his electrics so he could'nt start the motor, the main point here is the way the other boats stopped everything and came to help the boat in distress the smoke flares must be visual for a great distance because we could'nt see the boats on the horizon untill well after we saw the smoke and the windy conditions dispersed the smoke within 10 minutes. It's good to know other people on the water are looking out for the safety of others, the people in the broken down boat were towed safely back to the boat ramp.

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Good Story Kev

Mon, 2007-12-31 08:57

Good story Kev shows people on the water are doing the right thing for fellow boaties in trouble. You mentioned they lost electrics - but appear to still have use of the 27 meg tranceiver? So why the flares? Weren't in iminent danger by the sound of it?


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Great Assistance

Mon, 2007-12-31 10:13

Being new to WA and going to buy a boat and having to complete the RST, it seems assistance must be given.
I'm not sure what happens to boaties (legally) to those who don't give assistance with regards to the information below?

Assisting people in distress

All boaters have a legal obligation to assist people

in distress unless:

• they are unable to – perhaps the call for

assistance was from too far away;

• assistance is not required – perhaps Sea

Rescue has taken over; or

• the circumstances make it too dangerous.

If an accident occurs nearby, you must assist where

possible, provided it does not seriously endanger

you or your passengers.

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Good To Hear

Mon, 2007-12-31 14:25

Nice to hear that boaties out there are looking to help out in situations like this. Thanks for posting, makes a nice change from the usual 'boat rage' stories...