Esperance Spearfishers

Hi I live in Kalgoorlie but have been spearfishing the Esp area for about 5 years. I am looking to make contact with any keen spearos in the area to guide me to some good sites. I have the boat I just need some local playmates who know how the local fish work. I will be in Esp this weekend if you want to get into some action right away. My contact is 0407 643 008



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Deep Sea Fishing Club- Esperance

Sat, 2009-10-31 07:21

Maybe too are there now

the club room are at the Bandy Creek Marina. Open to all on Friday nights for cheap beer and sausage in bread.


become a member....there are lots of guys who dive that will welcome you.

Quiet a few Kal boys are members...


Or call in and see Murray at Southern Sports and Tackle in the shopping centre....


good luck

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Esperance Fishing Club

Wed, 2009-11-04 14:10

Thx Salmo your offer sounds great I got it after I returned but next time I'll be there with bells onWink. We had a great weekend of diving and the spear produced some nice results given how rusty I was, but I am getting back in the groove.