A few recent photos

Hi guys

I recently bought a new Nikon D5100 DSLR and lens kit (18 - 50mm and 55 - 300mm) and I've been madly taking photos of anything and everything....sunrises, sunsets, close ups of anything, etc. I've also added a few more things to my camera bag, which required a new camera bag!

I've added a 10 - 24mm wide angle lens and a 150 - 500mm telephoto lens to my arsenal...for now, I've pretty well got most situations covered...well, that's what I've told mrs gates...shhhh.

Here's some pics, hope you enjoy them....some have been cropped to highlight the subject but none of them have been enhanced in any way....I prefer to present the image in it's 'as shot' format. Maybe once I get further along with my photography, I'll look at that side of things.

1. Mountain ducks on the wing.

2. Fire

3. Magpie

4. Full moon last week...across the Harvey Estuary

5. Full moon framed by windmill...taken before it set on Thursday morning

6. Full moon...taken with a 500mm lens

7. Juvenile male Blue Wren

8. Juvenile female Blue Wren

9. Western Honeyeater

10. Grevillea flower

11. Honky nuts

12. Wood beetle




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Sun, 2012-07-08 20:06

great photos all of them,the one that gets my vote is that of the magpie the clear lines of the colour boundries is great

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All ripper photos but the

Mon, 2012-07-09 05:53

All ripper photos but the 500mm full moon and the blue wrens are my favourites! Thanks for shaing Rusty ;)


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great pics

Sun, 2012-07-08 21:26

Looks like you have a feel for that something special, nice work. But could you find a roadkill magpie next time please it might be a good omen.

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Some really good shots

Sun, 2012-07-08 21:41

Some really good shots there!!

The Blue wren is my biggest goal at the moment. I have been trying for yrs now. Great shots mate


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Sun, 2012-07-08 21:50

quite a few Blue Wrens down here Marc.

See them often around Dunsborough, especially when walking along the coastal tracks from Fish rock to Meelup.

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Thanks guys

Sun, 2012-07-08 21:58

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

I'm really impressed with the 150 - 500mm lens....only had it a week and besides the full moon the other night, today was it's first real workout.

We've got Wrens (as well as a lot of other birdlife) all around our place (I live on 5 acres) and the males should start to really colour up soon...I'll be stalking those for sure!

No worries twicther, I'll see what I can do for you regarding a dead maggie.



If life is boring, you must be doing it wrong!