welcomes: Getaway Outdoors

Hi Guys,

I am pleased to welcome our new site sponsor, Getaway Outdoors.  You may have already seen the guys/gals onsite, please make them welcome.  Hopefully plenty of bargains and good demo days coming up for you members!



Getaway Outdoors is a Outdoors Leisure Retailer specialising in Camping, Fishing and Water
Recreation. All the stores are locally owned and operated.

We have 10 stores in WA, Balcatta, Bentley, Bunbury, Fremantle, Geraldton, Kelmscott, Mandurah,
Miami, Midland and Osborne Park. Matt Williams is the General Manager and I am the Marketing
Co-ordinator/Assistant to him, we work out of offices at Canning Vale.

We sell tents, furniture, swags, shelters, caravanning equipment, fishing gear, boating gear, kayaks,
water inflatable’s and exclusive to Getaway in WA Hobie Kayaks.

We have just launched our new website and have entered the world of facebook and are now
looking at other ways in which to reach the public through social media, we see that advertising on
your fishing forum is a great way to reach one of our target markets.


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Welcome to the site, I hope

Fri, 2012-08-03 20:26

Welcome to the site, I hope to get down to your hobie angler pro demo between getting my homework done over the weekend!


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Fri, 2012-08-03 20:40

Welcome to the site, got some good stores. PS ( where did the shop go that was in canning vale, bannister road,?

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Mon, 2012-08-06 10:06

Cheers rails8291 for the welcome, just to let you known unfortunately we closed the Canning Vale store down but we will be opening a BRAND NEW store in the next couple of months at Cockburn, keeo your eyes out on the website etc for more news and advertising.


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Getaway Gero

Fri, 2012-08-03 23:50

Gero store is a great one, always good for a snoop around, and a good deal.


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Bunbury store

Sat, 2012-08-04 08:38

Used to go to the bunbury quite a bit till I got the worst customer service I have ever had. Late one Sunday I went to have a look at a fin nor jig rod, I was the only customer in the shop, two staff a guy and girl where talking/ flirting together at the counter, normally the staff would at least acknowledge and say hello when you walk in, went and found the rod I wanted, but had a couple questions, so I was hanging around the rods for about 20 minutes, keep checking my watch, still no service, was looking at the two staff , the guy was making eye contact with me every minute or so, still no service, I started bending the rod to feel the flex when the guy literally yells at me don't bend the rods, I put the rod back in the rack, went over to the two staff, who still hadn't moved from the counter, where I said it would have been nice to some service seeming I had been standing there for more then 20 minutes then to get shouted at, his reply well if you wanted something you could have come to the counter and no one was allowed to bend the rods cos too many are broken, that's when the girl pipes up saying when she was managing a different fishing and camping shop (that had recently closed down) she had seen heaps broken blah blah blah, I said never mind and left the store, next day went to outdoor sports next to bunnings, got the fin nor rod I was looking at and a new calcutta 400, service prior to that day was ok, but won't be going back

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Bunbury Store

Mon, 2012-08-06 10:14

lost fisherman, let me apologise for your bad experience at the Bunbury store. Getaway Outdoors prides ourselves on our exceptional customer service and ensuring that every customer it met and greeted instore within the first few minutes of entering, we understand that not everyone likes to be "pounced on" on arrival at a store but definitely everyone should be greeted with a hello, we in no way condone the treatment that you received at the Bunbury Store and will certainly be looking further into the experience that you had. As for the bending of the rods, unfortunately this does tend to lead to broken rods, there is a knack to doing it correctly and again you SHOULD have been shown that and not treated so rudely. Again I sincerely apologise for your treatment and would hope that we can see you in-store again soon and give you a much more pleasurable experience. If there is anything else that I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me personally at


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Welcome aboard guys

Sat, 2012-08-04 10:16

Everyone has a negative story to tell. Let's hope the stores learn from such feedback and remember the importance of customer service. Testing flex of a rod is an important part of the buying process. The customer support staff should know how this is done and take part in the flex test to make sure it's done correctly. I don't like staff all over me like a rash but a simple question like "can I help you today?" should be asked very early in the piece. Often I will say I am just browsing and seek assistance if I need it. To be ignored is just plain rude.


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A while back when i used to

Sat, 2012-08-04 21:11

A while back when i used to work in the Retail Fishing/Camping industry my boss had the forsight to put me and the rest of the workers through  a course on "Solutions Based Retail Selling', basically using the 5 Step Selling Process. (Google it if you want the full explaination). Best thing he could have ever done for us as workers and for his business when it came to sales.

Over a summer period we noticed an average sales increase of around 20%(and this was in the summer of 2008/2009 after the GFC first hit) fro the previous summer. I even noticed how competitive it became between us workers to see who could not only get a big sale, but who could meet the greatest sales challenge. There was a whole lot of valuable information for anyone selling anything using this method. Has definitly made me more observant of anywhere i go now for a shop. Just to watch how many places sales people get it soooooo wrong. Every now and then i am suprised to find a salesperson that seems to get it right, whether they have had trainning or have just learnt it over time i dont know.

But you'll know if they(sales person) have got these skills/knowledge as you will leave with all you queries solved, all your retail needs or wants met(and probably be leaving with something you didnt initially intend on buying) and with a feeling of great satisfaction and rapport with the Sales person and the shop.


Big thing i always say to people who feel disatisfied with any customer service anywhere, is let the business manager, franchise owner, director, head office or whatever KNOW. Then they may use this info to re-train staff on how to better serve correctly. Otherwise those in charge wont have any idea. Cusotmer feedback is Gold for any business. Alot better for you to let them know directly and see the response, then to say nothing then go and bag them out online. Obviously if they palm your feedback off, by all means bag away :)


This is all just my opinion though, from a few years in Retail. Have left that industry now, but you never forget the skills of selling stuff ;)


Oh and welcome aboard Getaway Outdoors, was down at your Hobie Demo day today, Bloody Brilliant!. One of the blokes giving the info(and test rides) on the Pro Angler 12 was excellent. He definitly knew his stuff about kayak fishing and found him very friendly and easy to chat with. Only problem is now i want one :P

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Always good to see new

Tue, 2012-08-07 10:53

Always good to see new sponsors onboard!

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welcome aboard Getaway

Tue, 2012-08-07 12:08

welcome aboard Getaway outdoors, I hope you guys are willing to frieght gear as i'll be in the market for a truckload of camping gear once the tax cheque makes itself present.


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Welcome aboard getaway.

Tue, 2012-08-07 12:15

Welcome aboard getaway. Quite often frequent your midland store,good service and knowledge always on hand cheers.


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Tue, 2012-08-07 15:15

Loved and still do the Mandurah Store. Glad to say the Engel is doing almost aswell as the late Harry Butler's.

Yes there is always stories of unhappiness, but I would suggest if they need to be raised a pm is a better way to welcome a new sponsor to the site.

Now I am not picking but its just what it looked like. 3rd welcome post blasts the site sponsor??

If we want to have a site then we need sponsors to assist Adam with maintenance etc.



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Getaway Outdoors Bentley

Mon, 2015-04-20 20:14

This is our recent experience in this store, not so sure about the "Exceptional Customer Service" as we certainly didn't see any!

On our 1st visit I asked one of the staff members a simple question relating to a camping item, he missed the point on two occasions so I gave up asking about the item, next was a question relating to a sleeping bag and I followed up by asking if they had that one on stock, he looked and handed me one from the shelf but after I checked the bag I realised he had given me the wrong one, I was later told that he was new to the store so I guess certain exceptions have to made although we would have thought adequate training should have been given.

On our 2nd visit I asked a different staff member if she could get me a price on a Waeco fridge/freezer, she came back with a price but was quickly corrected by another older staff member who overheard and gave the correct price.Well that makes two but the 3rd experience with this store left us dumbfounded.

We had been looking at tents online and prices, I asked who I assumed was a manager if they could match the price and if they could we would place an order, we told him that we needed the tent by the end of the month which would give the store more than enough time to have it delivered. The price could be matched so after going away and making a decision between this and one other tent I rang to confirm the order on Thursday 2nd April to get in before the Easter break. I was told at this time that apparently there was a back log of orders which may delay delivery, I rang the tent distributer straight away in the eastern states and they confirmed that there was no back log!

Two weeks went by so I called to speak to the manager to enquire if they had any idea when delivery would be, I called three times over two days and each time I was told he was busy but he would call me when he had finished with customers. The call never came so the next morning I rang as soon as the store opened and told them the order would be cancelled if he didn't take the time to come to the phone to answer our query about delivery time. The first thing he said was "So you want to cancel the order?" Talk about negative !

After our conversation he agreed to speak to the representative to ask what the delay was. He rang me back within the hour and informed me that they had no stock! I called the distributer immediately and there was no problem with stock, they even went down to do a physical check for me but stock was sitting there waiting for orders. Customer service were extremely helpful and they asked who the retailer was so they could check the order, there was no order in their system! The manager was made aware of when we needed this tent and we gave them plenty of time for delivery. Our question now would be, when were we ever going to be told, when it was too late to order from somewhere else? To sum up, the service we have been given from this Bentley store was totally unacceptable and luckily through persistence in obtaining an answer from them we now just had enough time to order from a reputable retailer. We certainly would not advise customers to use this store.

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Ok so you got the runaround

Tue, 2015-04-21 07:30

But asking a store to pricematch an item not in stock is total bullshit. If they told you they would price match and order it in and then didnt supply well thats silly and asking for trouble, still if you could get it cheaper elsewhere why not just go buy it there instead of giving these guys the shits about it!



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Thu, 2015-04-23 19:15

Any item whether in stock or not can be price matched. You are totally missing the point as to asking why don't I just purchase it somewhere else and as to "Giving these guys the shits" what a bloody ridiculous comment to make!

The tent in question can be purchased from the eastern states but is nearly $300 dearer here in the west so I gave the store the opportunity to price match to keep the business in W.A. so is that wrong too?

They were more than happy to do that after a phone call, nobody twisted their arm so not exactly bullshit is it.

Any business willing to accept an order should act competently in being able to supply that order. 

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Not missing the point at all

Thu, 2015-04-23 22:20

 The business ine the eastern states probably has to buy in bulk (generally 5+ units) to get the discount to sell them at that price or is part of a chain where purchasing is via a central office. With freight costs on what must be a bulky item to warrant the price difference and a one off buy price by asking them to price match you have wiped off their profit. How is this good business to ask them to sell at virtually cost price regardless of if the business stays in WA? This is why it is bullshit. As per my original comment if they agreed well that is not great. I reckon you dealt with a junior who thought they were doing the right thing, to be overrided by management.

In case you haven't noticed everything in WA is more expensive. 

Please note Adam's comments that getaway are no longer site sponsors, he is the site admin, so your post can only be about giving getaway a bad name. Not exactly good for business in WA either.

I also note that in nearly 5 years as a member you have put up four posts... how about contributing something to the site rather than shit like this.

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Fri, 2015-04-24 01:51

 Yep, i cant even be f#cked reading the rant from a non active member bagging a business. Got time to write all that crap but cant post a report or picture in 5 years.

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 I have to say that the

Mon, 2015-04-20 18:25

 I have to say that the Geraldton Getaway store is tops, good bunch of blokes there


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Tue, 2015-04-21 06:40

The lads (and ladies) in the Gero shop are, if anything to good. I try to jsut duck into the shop to grab something little and walk out with a trolley of gear. Not only great service, but they actully know what they are talking about and happy to take the time to chat and assist with anything and everything.

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No longer

Tue, 2015-04-21 07:15

Getaway are no longer a site sponsor as they have decided not to continue on.


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 That's a shame Adam.If it

Thu, 2015-04-23 21:25

 That's a shame Adam.

If it was because of a couple of horror stories then they really should make sure they don't ever read or post on forums that might have something negative again.

The good salesman would have taken these couple of negatives, found a positive solution and won over the entire readership of fishwrecked with some shiny baubles and fifty bucks in gift vouchers.

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 Well I use that store a lot

Tue, 2015-04-21 08:09

 Well I use that store a lot and while they aren't the cheapest it's about close conveniance and the owner is a mad fisho who I get on with quite well. Never really had a drama there. 


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