Floreat Beach drain

I'm considering an afternoon fish off Floreat beach is anyone keen on joining me Monday 4 -7pm or there abouts? i havent fished here before and would appreciate any quick advice about the area, a few tailor, skippy or herring is what will be sought?


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I got a nice enough tailor

Thu, 2013-01-10 09:52

I got a nice enough tailor there just on sunset on Monday evening.  Bite didn't last long. I was just (say 3 spots) north of the drain and when I left at 8:30 I was just about last one there.  I'm useless at picking gutters etc but it is pretty busy there so you really don't have much of a choice where to go, but don;t be too hung up on being right next to the drain itself.  I was using Mulies on a fairly stock standard tailor set up (running sinker above a leader to the hooks), but next time I think I'll run a smaller bait (whitebait or blue sardines) on smaller gang of #2 hooks, or whatever fits the bait.

I've just started adding a 4th hook to my gangs, a 3/0 at the bottom, and I'm convinced it is working a treat.

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 Thanks for the info Matt i

Fri, 2013-01-11 20:25

 Thanks for the info Matt i have been told the north side of the drain fishes best? lets see how we go?

regards old salt


I fish to feed

Fillet and release when applicable

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 No probs.  hopefully you'll

Fri, 2013-01-11 20:38

 No probs.  hopefully you'll get better advice from people who catch more fish than me one day:)  Lots of easterlies this weekend for folks willing to get up early for a dawn fish.  I'm going to flop out the old unweighted mulie myself in the morning.  And this evening if the missus is interested!

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 I was down not at the drain

Fri, 2013-01-11 22:54

 I was down not at the drain but just off a beach off challenger parade near floreat a few weeks ago, got 4 tailor, 2 flathead all about 45cm from 7-10pm, guy next to us got a meter bronzie. 

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 quiet dawn run at Floreat

Sat, 2013-01-12 10:58

 quiet dawn run at Floreat (wasn;t up early enough for the extra walk to Swannie)... saw one tailor taken, but got about 10 plump herring in the smaller gangs with whitebait.  Apparently someone about 500m towards scarbs from the drain got a few tailor.  Had a bit of a diaster start losing my rig 1st cast not sure what went on there, then it was a struggle re-rigging through best of potential pre-sunrise bite.  Ahh well.


Tried unweighted mulies to no avail, then added some weight, no avail other than one hezza.  


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 Hows the car breakins going

Sat, 2013-01-12 11:17

 Hows the car breakins going ?

It got too bad so i stopped going 


getting the bottom line final answer from a bunch of blokes that use false names and put smiley faces at the end of paragraphs is not the best place in the world to get the information you seek.

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 It's never happened to me,

Sat, 2013-01-12 13:02

 It's never happened to me, but the crappy car I drive there probably puts them off.  I think dawn fishing is better btw for break ins generally.  Hoons, louts and bandits all sleeping it off.

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I fish the drain a fair bit

Sun, 2013-01-13 10:24

I fish the drain a fair bit with my eldest boy whose 10. Best spot for Tailor is north of the drain where ever you can find a spot. Late evening till dark or early morning. Only ever caught a couple of Tailor ourselves but see plenty pulled in. We usually use live whiting  that we catch at the time for bait or mullies on simple running sinker rig with gang hooks on the end. Also take down a smaller rod say 6 to 8 foot for all the other species. We've caught plenty of Whiting, Dart, Herring, Flathead and even striped threadfin. Best time for these fish is early morning say 5:30 till around 9:30 ish when it is fairly calm with the gentle easterly. The only rig i use for these is one with three twisted dropper loops and about a size 8 to 10 long shank hook on each one with a snapper sinker on the end. Bait is diced lamb chop. Have caught so many different species on this it's not funny. A lot of people also use floats for Herring. Just cast then a very slow retrieve with the odd pause.

Hope this helps a little.

Good luck.

PS. Never had the car broken into yet...

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 Tell you what my maligned 10

Sun, 2013-01-13 13:34

 Tell you what my maligned 10 herring just made a great little lunch!  filleted, dab in milk, toss in seasoned flour, deep fry magic (in a wok), yummo.  


Faceplanter cheers for that info... I tend to fish a small gang for the smaller species (did I say that above).  Worked wonders on the hezza yesterday.  Shark chopper 1km up the beach hovering, school of dolphin going aerial jsut off shore.  Magic morning.


Is that fresh lamb chop or cooked.  I must say I love lamb chops so can't see any going to bait:)

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Fresh lamb chop. Don't mind a

Sun, 2013-01-13 16:30

Fresh lamb chop. Don't mind a lamb chop myself but i just buy the cheapest pack of chops in the supermarket. Usually a couple of bucks buys 2 or 3 and they go a long way. Dolphins sound cool and i have also seen the odd seal [ i think ] swim past early morning. Last time i saw the chopper 2 Sundays ago it was hovering straight overhead and the beach ended up being closed after another shark sighting.

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 Good session at the drain

Sun, 2013-01-20 22:30

 Good session at the drain this evening.  I went a few access tracks north as I was there a bit late just after sunset.  got straight on to tailor.  Kids to the south of me catching plenty, blokes to north got a couple too.  Came home with a couple nice fish.  But was blowy and hard to really pick the bites etc.  Was jsut on the little whitebait rig tonight.

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lamb heart

Sun, 2013-01-20 23:45

Lamb heart goes well too..... Much cheaper! Get packs of 3 from Coles for a couple bucks.



beached as bro!