Fly Fishing Exmouth Questions!

Hey Guys,


Im organising a bit of a land based trip to exmouth & I was seriously considering making it predominatly fly fishing!


I havent done alot of fishing in recent years but im seriously getting back into it & fly fishing has always being a favourite style of mine!


I have actually never casted a fly line in exxy but I cant wait.. so I have a few questions for the veterans of fly fishing exxy

my target species are goldens, queenies & smaller GTS

is an 8wt outfit enough? what flies would you use? what kind of fly line? what flats on the west side are worth tackling? any other tips would you offer? Best time of year?


I am also going to be using a couple of light tackle spin outfits but thats other story! im not really fussed on catching bones & permit! 


any advise would be great!


Cheers Steve


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 Gday mate,8 or 9 wt will do

Wed, 2012-03-07 22:53

 Gday mate,

8 or 9 wt will do the job, clousers are good, intermedite flyline and away you go. Try sandy bay or cruise around wherever looks good. All year is good but next few months are pretty nice.

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An #8 will be fine as long as

Wed, 2012-03-07 23:47

An #8 will be fine as long as you take some time to learn how to use it properly. Learn to cast it accurately and quickly to 30 and 60 feet in a decent breeze with only a few false casts and you'll catch just fine. Learn how to fight fish properly with a fly rod, it's all about getting down and dirty, applying maximum pressure with low rod angles and side strain.

Flies? #2 and #1/0 or #2/0 Clousers in all white and chartruese over white or yellow over white in both synthetics and bucktail tied sparse for everything, a few deceivers or other baitfish profiles in white and olive over white for queenies and giant herring, and some Squimps and/or marabou shrimps in #2 and #1/0 for Spanglies, they'll catch you anything you're likely to encounter land based.

Line? Tropical intermediate such as Rio's tropical saltwater I/I is a good choice. You might want to seriously consider a stripping basket as it makes life a lot easier wading over reefy/rubbly ground with a sinking line.

What flats on the west side? That's a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string question', there are many, and any access can fire on any given day you so never really know until you get there, the trick is to spread yourself around and try other accesses if you're not catching/seeing fish.

Best time of year? Whenever you can go...

It's a steep learning curve for your first fly trip so practice your casting in the wind, don't get caught up thinking you need a million flies, and remember that if your fly's not in the water you cant get the eat... cheers Gav.



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Good advice GavIll also add,

Fri, 2012-03-09 09:56

Good advice Gav

Ill also add, find the hardy heads, find the fish.

The DNA hologhost is the best hardyhead fly if come across, and is a good choice for shy Gs.

Ill add that a yellow blue deciever is an excelent choice, exmouth and yellow seem to go together like cheese and crackers.

Make sure your flies are heavy, they need to get down quick. For this reason i prefer a 9 or 10 wt.

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All good advise

Fri, 2012-03-09 10:47

Waving the wand, Ah a passion of mine, but dont like it that much from boats, so have let it slip a little in dampier.

All the advise given is great.

I have to admit I do like a wt forward sink tip, and I have never in Exxy used anything heavier than a 8wt. I find the heavier overpowers the likely targets, being mainly mini GT, other trevs, queenies in not jumbo sizes, the odd gaint herring and other lucky ones.

Fished mostly Bundegi flats on an incoming tide, and havent aimed at Snapper at all, so cant advise on that one. Had a ball on the flats with the medium brigade. Fishing WA once had a show with SteveC, The Pom and co spinning at Bundegi, and that about sums up what I have done, but with flies.

If they are there, its a ball.



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