Fuel injected four stroke

 Left fuel in the tank, approximately 8. Months,  didn't realize it was E 10, seized the high pressure fuel pump,  very time consuming to change. Got a new pump, the system had been covered but not sealed for the 10days until I had the part, fitted it and,,,,   no go. blaming myself for not sealing the system until I could do the job, started trouble shooting. After a good hour of draining ,flushing, checking power,  discovered the new fuel pump did not work. Pulled it out of the motor , tested it with a multimeter, dead shorted. $75.oo Chinese knock off. No problems with warranty, all good now.

Moral of the story, don't assume because something is new it's perfect, check the simple things first.

If you get red unleaded fuel, and suspect it's E10, mix 100mm of water with 100mm of the fuel, and if you let it settle for a while, and finish up with 90mm of fuel floating on 110 mm of water, its E10.

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 Timely warning that’s

Sat, 2018-07-21 22:30

 Timely warning that’s probably better understood in Queensland than here.

Its called phase separation and to refine your explanation, instead of 100ml put 10ml at a time.

It will mix then at a point suddenly all the ethanol will drop out when saturated and no longer able to mix with petrol



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