FW Wicked Week - 18/03/2017

 FishWrecked's Wicked Week - 18/03/2017

Well, not much happening this week. Thanks to those few who managed to get out and post up their reports!
A summary of the week gone by:
Newbies bring the luck! rtomkyns78 and newbie bro in law headed out to the sound for an arvo fish.  The newbie caught his first ever big fish, a 75cm pink whilst rtomkyns speared (literally) a 85cm sambo!
Wanting to beat the storms, Sunshine and a mate headed out early into the 50s from Woodies.  He considers dhuies a nuisance coz he couldn't get away from them, apart from 2 which were prime eating!
Over the long weekend, stevo81 and crew proves that big fish can be caught in shallow water, with mixed big dhu and baldies nicely "bagged" at Two Rocks!  I know Big John is closely looking at the report pics... there'll be BJ Sea Dragon lures coming to a store near you!!
Even after his deckies pulled out, Mick C went solo to participate the MAAC comp in "average" conditions. An eventful day catching baitfish!
Continuing the luck! Well, after  breaking his fishless drought last week, Mark (keg) landed a sized Dhu this week.  Dylan (hutch) and I were there to cheer him on! Lol
Dhufish123's brother landed a massive Sambo! Always great to have good gear!
(Sorry if I missed out on anyone)

A fish in the hand is worth 10 in the water!

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 Top stuff as usual even

Sat, 2017-03-18 07:53

 Top stuff as usual even given the light amount of reports this week 


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 Cheers Kev, it almost

Sat, 2017-03-18 08:04

 Cheers Kev, it almost happened yesterday lol


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