Garmin Rino 520

Just on the off chance any fishwreckers can help out with this:

Does anybody in Perth have or know anybody who owns a Garmin Rino 520? Mine has a fault and I can't charge it. It would be good to have another one to test mine with to try and work out which parts I need to buy..

It worked perfectly but after sitting for a while, I can't get it to charge. Parts are hard to get but I can get the rechargable battery or a AA battery adapter from the states. It would be good the try a know working battery in it first though. If it turns out to be Dead the helper will win all my bits as spares. Garmin don't support the product any more which is F&*^%nk annoying... Paid $600 for it....


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 I have an old school Garmin

Sun, 2018-07-22 11:19

 I have an old school Garmin etrrex 12 channel GPS. It looks to have similar connectors to the Rino 520.

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Try Battery World

Mon, 2018-07-23 17:14

They are brilliant, have helped me out with some obscure batteries .....I go to Maddington but Canning Vale just as helpful



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 I found a battery on Ebay.

Mon, 2018-07-23 21:38

 I found a battery on Ebay. Some more research has turned up that the battery is probably OK but has drained too much. Apparently most of these Lithium  batteries have a control chip in them that disables the battery if drained too low. And if you leave the batteries installed on the device there is a small drain even when off. Heads up, charge all your gear every few months and leave batteries off the units when stored..... This applies to all devices.


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