i am in desperate need for some help for anyone that knows there stuff on generators and Fridges and i am hoping that someone has been down this path before me...

my dilema is that i am going camping at steep for a week. Obviously i am going to need to take with me a generator and freezer.

i have not bought any of this yet soo i need to know what i should purchace

i dont want to mix the bait with my food and fish fillets.

I am going up in a prado with my mate soo space is going to be a bit of an issue without a trailer or a second 4WD

idealy i would have a mini bar freezer for the baits and a engle/mate/waco freezer-fridge for the food and fillets - (leaning towards mate because i here that the isulation is very good and it is all over more practicle than a waco and engle)

here my first problem arrises.. the smallest bar freezer that i can get is 85Hx50x50 which is quite big (the best bit is that they are quite cheap compared to engles, wacos, mates etc)

so say that i was going to get 2 mate freezers-fidges and a generator because of the size and the fact that i want to keep my bait and fillets frozen on the way up and back home - 12v car  (with the bar freezer does not have a 12v)

Now first of all i here that Yamaha Generators are the way to go over the Honda soo i am prity set on getting a Yamaha.. The options are eather a

1KVA, 2.4KVA or 2.8KVA

which one of these would be sufficiant to power the two fridgefreezers(esky freezer) + lighting at night for a coupel of hours?

or has anyone tried to run a bar freezer and an esky freezer  of there generator and it runs ok? (what size generator where you using)?

i was reading the brochure on the generators and they say that for example the 1KVA only holds 2.5L of fuel and will run for 12 hours on a quarter load does this meen that if the fridges consume say around 400W each then i will have to fill it up every 3 hours?? cause that is not un option then! if so should i get a generator that has a much larger fuel storage?? the next size up is the 2.4KVA it is considerably larger and its has similar if not worse fuel economy than the 1KVA but teh advantage is that it can produce obviously more power than the 1kva.. so quarter load is a lot higher than the 1KVA.. 

i guess the question is what does everybody do when they are at steep or camping for a week to keep their fillets, food and bait frozen???

keeping in mind that preferably only filling up the generator once or twice a day, i am reasonably limted on space and have 2 frdidge/freezers to keep the bait and food seperate from each other..


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Have you thought about a

Mon, 2008-11-10 13:37

Have you thought about a three way fridge/freezer gas is the way to go if your in for a long stay.I think waco make them.


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Gas Gas Gas

Mon, 2008-11-10 13:43

The three way fridge freezer is the way to go for remote areas.


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i suggest to buy a trailer

Mon, 2008-11-10 13:48

i suggest to buy a trailer for starters...... if your going to take 2 fidge/freezers aand a generator along with the camping gear, fishing gear, food, drinks etc etc then i doubt very much that you will fit it all in a 4wd.... unless you go buy a f250 or suburban... just my thoughts


cheers Jes

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My Dad has a honda

Mon, 2008-11-10 13:48

My Dad has a honda generator. We recently got back from a 2 month Kimberly's trip and ran 2 waco's, lights and friends engel off the genny. Ran it all day and only had to fill up every 14 hours or so. Not real sure about the Yamaha's as I have never used one.

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Buy a cryovac machine  ,

Mon, 2008-11-10 13:52

Buy a cryovac machine  , best thing is the fish will be good in the fridge , no need to freeze . Generators and freezers/ fridges dont like each other or hire an engel or three way fridge

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Geny and battery

Mon, 2008-11-10 14:14

You can also run geny to charge your battery and run fridge of battery also good at night if geny is a bit noisy.

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thanx guys.. im not really

Mon, 2008-11-10 14:18

thanx guys.. im not really sure wat a three way frdge freezer is and i never new you coudl run them on gass and how much gass they will use i owuld asusme u would have to take excesive amounts.. has any body herd of a thumpa apparantly u jst get one of them and they power ure car battery and then u can run ure fridges of the car battery.. to charge thme by solar panelss or somthing do u recon thsi is an option?


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Mon, 2008-11-10 14:31

I think the thumper is just another beefed up battery that would still need charging.

Three way fridges are ok and don't use heaps of gas depending on size (size does matter)

A good geny is the go as you can still run lights and other appliances and still charge battery's (car and otherwise) also handy at home for power blackouts.

I'M NO EXPERT but around 2kva should be enough.

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Tried solar

Mon, 2008-11-10 14:22

too bulky if you want any real output. May have improved since then - ring the 12 volt shop or as advised, take a trailer.

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I don't know about Yamy

Mon, 2008-11-10 14:53

I don't know about Yamy genies but Honda have been around for yrs and have a very good rep.

I ran 2 Engels, 2x500W lights, bread maker, laptop of my 2kva Honda (and occasionally the kettle with the fridges unplugged) without issues for 3 weeks. (Honda inverter very clean and safely runs a laptop)

I have a tip for what ever genie you buy. The sumps in these are very small. If you are running the genie for 18 hours a day I would recommend changing the oil at least once in week. True you don't have to and they will still run. But keep clean oil and you will have the same genie running in 20 yrs.

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Mon, 2008-11-10 15:33

Why do you have to keep your food/bait separate?If they are wrapped properly and frozen no problems.As you use food/bait you are hopefully topping it up with fish,it will freeze easier and quicker if the bulk of the stuff left in there is down to temperature.

But as others have suggested take a trailer and if you can a big icebox full of ice to chill your fish down as you catch them,this takes half the load off trhe freezer and the genny.Also keep the drinks cold!!!!

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fish hard or go home last

Mon, 2008-11-10 16:30

fish hard or go home last xmas we stayed ikes camp for a week (most fishers in pilbara will know off this joint anyway can only get there by boat)back to genies and fridges we ran 2 40engels 2 80wecos and 1 60trailblazer on 2 110 thumper bat and at night run 2kva honda and charge thumpers the ran all night withlights and everythingelse anyway i know not everyperson afford $1000plus bat if you have 4wd should have deul bats if your got gene your going to run lights just run frig of 4wd bat and bat charger i own a honda so cant comment on other genes yammies look good and engels have got genes and are honda motors an are that wee bit cheaper as for frigdes engels are great wecos are good but youve got throw the plakky divders in the bin weco owners know what im on about the 110 litre is crap it uses same motor as 80 so takes longer to cool down all the fridges we had the one work best was trailblazer they cost about $2000 and there bulky mate had gas one cant remeber brand only 1 brand i think but anyway worked like shit on 12volt but 240 and gas it worked a treat plus you have to cart gas bottle i could throw in another block or some bot bots anyway when buying gene always buy a wee bit bigger than you need because you never never know when you need it hope that helps bugger need another bevie

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Damm riddles, I see where

Mon, 2008-11-10 17:03

Damm riddles, I see where you nick comes from :).

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engle world

Mon, 2008-11-10 18:02

I just brought a 40L engle for $1050 that also includes the car case and a heap of promo gear from engle world in Midland on Great Eastern HWY the shop is next to Gun-mart, fishing & camping store. They also have a heap of generators which your looking for and the Staff there are great, So I'm sure they will cut ya a good deal if ya went down there and spoke to someone about your needs.

Best thing about a engle in the car, the cold beers aren't far away. hahaha

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Engel Generators

Mon, 2008-11-10 18:12

Have a look at engel generators, they use a honda components and are a fair bit cheaper than honda or yamaha. 2 kva will be plenty.

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mate you need a trailer or a

Mon, 2008-11-10 19:58

mate you need a trailer or a good roof rack
i go on a camping fishing trip every year for 10 or so days with up to 8 people .last trip consisted of 2 bar size freezers 680 watt each 4 engels .we had 2 gennies both hondas both 2 kva .they smashed it not a prob.over the 10 days 3 engels left with there owners so we only needed the 1 gennie.a good tip mate get your self some dry ice it freezes heaps colder than normal water ice and actualy freezes water ice close to it at a lot lower temp which in turn makes your ice last longer and helps freeze down your fillets quicker there fore taking some load of your gennie which therefore saves a little fuel .and yes it is a good idea to change out the oil half way through
also make sure you know whats in what and try to not have to open the doors of your freezer fridge to often
always in it just the depth that varies

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Three way fridges draw a lot

Tue, 2008-11-11 14:55

Three way fridges draw a lot more power than your two ways because they run an element to heat refrigerant.  Engels fridges are the go and draw bugger all power.  I had one bolted into a trailer when I was running tours and it did 1.3 million kilometers bouncing around on dirt roads.  It looked rough but kept working without a prob.