Gnaraloo 3 day bash

 Hit the road Sunday evening after mothers day lunches, 3 of us all geared up for our first trip there. Drove through the night didn't see our first roo until Billabong and then they were everywhere through to the Overlander, quiet after that. Track into Gnarloo not too bad a bit cerregated in places but no drama just slowed down a bit. Rocked into the station and waited to check in. Easterlies blowing around 20knts but got the boat ready anticipating it dropping off around midday, weren't wrong so was on the water by 12. Never been there so a bit of searching and chasing Mackies no luck there but picked up some good spots in 40 meters and started bottom fishing. Mike first off with 11 kg estuary cod, followed up next drift with slightly smaller and next drift a lovely rankin. While me an Milan had to be happy with red throat and charlie courts, throw in a couple of sharks. Given we hadn't slepts since 6am Sunday morn we were happy to leave them biting head back in to clean up and a few beers. Weather pattern same the next day and thought we would continue to look around in the 40's as our quintrex 510 was comfortable and we were not with any other boats. Fishing poor as with other fishermen when we came in everyone complaining of sharks. One old mate fishing up there for 33 years summed it up, they were a nuisance last year just unbearable this year. So with 1 day to go we were offered the chance to pair up and head out to the 70's other boat getting some nice reds there. Nothing to bring in bad bad stories of sharks again. Plenty of Tuna busting the surface around our boat on a couple of spots on the way in but they wouldn't take a lure. We can only put in all down to the time of the day and tides. Will give it another crack though.


Tom M

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 Always hard with new areas .

Fri, 2018-05-18 21:18

 Always hard with new areas . You got up there and gave it a go. Few fosh tbis time but will be better next. . Great way for a few mates to share some time


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Reoccurring story

Sat, 2018-05-19 14:23

 With sharks, seem to be everywhere.still you got out each day.


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