Handle for Saltist 6500

 Hi all.

Somehow I've ;ost the handle to my Diawa Saltist 6500. I went online and got a replacement. Unfortunatedly the replacement handle is male. as is the reel. Can anyone tell me the right part to get and where?

Anyone know where I can get the carrect part?

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2016 Saltist

Fri, 2020-03-20 15:23

If your reel is the 2016 version then the schematic is here:



Part#: 6J422801 Handle Asssembly


Order direct from Daiwa Aus here:



or to get it sooner, contact Daiwa (Adriano or Shaun) here:

Adriano Fulnari

Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator

Service Department

Daiwa Australia Pty Ltd



P: 02 8644 8644

E: service@daiwaaustralia.com.au