Help to catch bream today in the swan

Hey guys, gong for a fish at the swan this arvo for the first time. We'll be shore based and using baits. Just wondering what areas you recommend, keeping in mind that we aren't are after huge fish but more quantity of fish. Also what bait, pawns ok? Running sinker onto a hook okay?

cheers guys


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 In ya PM beau

Mon, 2012-01-02 15:43

 In ya PM beau

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 Just head to heiresson

Mon, 2012-01-02 16:25

 Just head to heiresson island wish a couple packs of prawns. No need for a sinker, just at least a 10lb leader as it is rocky there.

Once you've parked in the carpark walk to the end near burswood casino pretty much face it and fish off the rocks. 2 hours leading up to high tide will be best tonight. Cast just a few metres off the rocks as that's where they'll be, not in the middle

make sure you lather yourself in aero guard or bushman though as there will be bulk mozzies....


Let us know how you go. You will no doubt catch 20 or 30