help with leaders..


Theres alot of talk around u need tapered leaders and some people say u dont. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this.

Obviously what your chasing would make a difference. But say im chasing bream some have said tapered is good and some just straight 

through leader too fly. Any thoughts would be great thanks...

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Tapered leaders for fly

Tue, 2013-08-06 22:19

Tapered leaders for fly fishing are good, however except for maybe trout/fresh fishing I would make my own. eg 20kg to 15kg to 10 kg to 3kg etc. I could see it could be a benefit for bream fishing as well, but for most other fishing its just not needed.
What are you considering using the tapered leaders for ?

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 Yeh ok cheers, I mean the

Tue, 2013-08-06 23:57

 Yeh ok cheers, I mean the tapered leaders help the fly too roll over nicer yeh ? I'm new too the fly game 

so yeh. Say if I'm chasing bream especially spooky bream knots In a leader can easily spook em as anything can spook them. So would it still roll over have a straight through leader from the flyline with say 6-7 foot of 6lb. Just heard the fly can wrap around the leader all soughts. But yeh cheers 

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 If you're gonna go with

Wed, 2013-08-07 02:29

 If you're gonna go with 6-7ft of 6lb, you'll still want something of a tapered leader as the flyline is thick and heavy but the 6lb is pretty damn thin. Maybe some 20lb for a meter or so. I usually run a tippet of a meter or so on the end of a tapered leader. Longer if they're really spooky. And fluorocarbon helps. I'd run more than 6-7ft total 

That being said, a lot of that applies to light unweighted flies. Start putting on some dumbell eyes and the momentum will carry it the length of your leader. Try throwing the flies you want and see how far they go. 

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if your using a heavy fly

Wed, 2013-08-07 05:01

if your using a heavy fly like a bead head then no need to taper much. but if its a light fly for trout or something then taper it well and it will un curl a bit nicer.

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Fly leader

Wed, 2013-08-07 07:08

 Best fly leader formula that I like to use is 60% butt section 20% mid section and 20% tippet that seems to work fine on most saltwater flies giving you a nice tight loop that will turn your flies over without leaving your fly and leader in a mess. Tapered leaders come into there own when you are castings into the wind, straight piece of mono are fine when casting with the wind will still turn the fly over. Heavy flies need to have a sorter leader than a lighter fly the same size I use a 7 foot leader for heavy flies for barra,mjacks etc but for bream on small light wieght flies I run a 9 to 10 foot leader and for spooky fish.

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 Cheers guys. My combo should

Wed, 2013-08-07 07:51


Cheers guys. My combo should come this week so guess ill do a bit of trail and era. Ok so even if I use a metre or two tippet 

would still be good too go bigger mono and down than. Cheers guys I'm looking at it from a point of I know bream can be really 

fussy on leaders when soft plastic fishing so yeh cheers guys