Help transferring gps marks from one unit to another

Hey Guys wondering if anyone can help / advise on how to move gps spots from one unit  to another , I have a furuno Gp-7000 which is starting to fall to pieces that has the last 8 years worth of my fishing spots on it which I want to move to a lowrance HDs 10 that a mate has kindly given to me , is it as simple as taking out the map card from the furuno and putting it in the lowrance ? Didn't want to have a crack at that without getting opinions off you fellas, cheers guys 


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Mon, 2023-11-27 09:27

 Sorry mate, not that easy.

Furuno is one of the hardest to transfer.

I don't know the exact way to export from GP-7000, but a GP-32 i did needed an export and then conversion to get into Lowrance. The laptop i used with the programs has died so i will need to research again. From memory i used gpsbabel to convert.

Apparently (Dr google) if you know someone with a new TZT it does the conversions internally - could be worth a try!

Cheers, Moose

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Hard way

Mon, 2023-11-27 10:31

 Son since he's moved down from Exmouth back to the south has pulled out his books with thousands of marks from when he wetlined down here nearly 20 years ago. Upon entering the marks into his more modern gps he couldn't find to actual spots when fishing so what he has done in sourcing an old gps and entered the marks in there and sure enough it was spot on the ground. Now he runs the older and new one side by side and pings the spot again rather than sitting back for hours doing the conversion on paper or trying to do it in his head while at sea

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Its not that hard, I have

Mon, 2023-11-27 18:27

Its not that hard, I have done it twice (you would think after moving them off the gp7000 the first time i would have stopped using it!).  There are a few keys to this, the first is the due to its age the GP7000 requires an SD card that is less than 1GB, which now days is actually not that easy to find, I had to buy one.  Once you hvae the SD card inserted, section 9.1.2 and 9.1.3 of the manual tell you how to export it and save it onto the SD card.  If you dont have the manual let me know and i'll try and send a pic of the page.  From memory you dont get a choice of what to save it as, it just exports a file calle "USERIMG.BIN".

the next part is converting formats.  Most GPS/Mapping/combo units these days will read a .gpx format file so that is generally what I would convert it to, I know my HDS reads these files.  There are a couple of programs online that will convert the file formats. is one, this one you just upload your USERIMG.BIN file and tell it you want a .GPX output and press go, it will take a few seconds but it should then move on to a new page where it provides a link to download your .gpx file.  The other way to do it is to install a program called gps utility ( it is free, but you have to install it on your computer.  I havent used this but it looks like it should work.

Once you have the GPX file, move it onto an SD card and put it in your new plotter, they are all different but you will have to tell it to read in the gpx somewhere, but it should be pretty straight forward.  Also, i think both times i have done it, i havent been able to get it to remember my waypoint names, it just starts it from 1.


this is some murky territory for me, but I know enough to be dangerous.  If I was a betting man I would suggest the points are offset about 180-200m to the north east.  The reason for this is, some time in the early to mid 2000's some decision was made to move fomr the Australian Geodetic Datum 84 (AGD84) to the Geocentric datum of australia 94 (GDA94).  There is an ~200m offset between these to coordinate systems.  Interestingly enough the world geodetic datum 1984 (WGS84) is about 2m different from GDA94.  If this is the case, there is a relatively easy fix.  On the new plotter somewhere in settings there will be a datum option, if you set that to AGD84, enter the coordinates, then set back to WGS84 (which i think most peoples units will be on) or GDA94 the coords will update and you wont need two GPS's.  But, it sounds like the solution is already set up.

Hope this is useful and if you have any q's hit me up




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 Thanks for all the responses

Mon, 2023-11-27 18:40

 Thanks for all the responses fellas they are much appreciated, some very helpful info there Mcguffin I'll have a crack also John that's a good idea I might have to that if I can't get my head around it, which will possibly be the case as I'm pretty much computer illiterate! 


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Wed, 2023-11-29 18:06

Just export them from the Furuno to an SD card as .GPX format. 

You can then plug this into the lowrance and it will read it directly in.

Only thing is to consider what fmaking sure they have the same datum setup before export so that no conversion is required.

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 Cheers Tim thanks 

Fri, 2023-12-01 12:15

 Cheers Tim thanks 


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