Simrad problems? any info appreciated!

 Hi ladys and gents,

So im rusty as all buggery when it comes to the latest sounder tech so im hoping someone in this great community can shine a lil light on the reports i have been reading up on or if someone has any ideas for a setup based on experience in a similar vessel type.

Ive just ordered a new trailcraft profish 560 as this suits all my needs and budget with not a bad wait time for delivery but the new boat buyers dilemma of picking a sounder/Gps setup has sunk in to kick me around real quick. I want to keep things as basic as possible so was leaning towards a 12 inch combo and was thinking a Simrad NSS 12 evo 3 with the tm275LHW until i found the all the problems that people have experienced with these chirp units but all this info seems to be quite dated so my main question is, are people still having problems with these units or have they worked out the kinks and got them running the way they should for a 7k setup?

Or, can anyone recommend a very functional alternative for around the same budget? i will be pushing out into the deep stuff from time to time up and down the coast so i want to run a 1kw for sure but am at a newbie/child status these days when it comes to sounder tech so any pointers or info will be greatly appreciated!

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1kw transducers

Wed, 2023-09-20 11:15

tm275LHW for game fishing

tm265LH for reef fishing


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 No problems with my Simrad

Wed, 2023-09-20 12:57

 No problems with my Simrad and Chirp transducer.  Don't think that you will spot everyfish on the bottom of the ocean no matter what you buy.

$7k for a NSSEVO3 + 1KW chirp sounds cheap ! 


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Wed, 2023-09-20 17:32

 thanks lads,

Wangler, i will be spending a lot of time chasing pelagics and will be sounding out bait and marks to jump in with the gun too as well as a lot of top water casting and switchbaiting outside the reefs up north and off queensland when i head over, hence me only getting a 560 as some of my go to areas require a beach launchable boat but i will be pushing it to its limits more often than not in regards to offshore trips and deep drop jigging to 400m, probably wont have a healthy spine after some of these trips in a boat like this but im not a millionare so itll do. Do you know if can change the cone angle on these units as i was under the impression this could be changed?

wifecallsmegrumpy, Good to know mate thanks for the feedback, im mainly used to furuno that i regard as hard to beat so im nervous in making a switch but ill probably end up going stand alone furuno as well at a later date if im not happy with the simrad, bit of coin to lash out but no point buying a brand new boat and not having a good setup on it. and as for the price, blue bottle marine have the package up for $6,995.

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Wed, 2023-09-20 17:02

double post!