How to cut finger from casting braid?...

I'm curious, I've read a lot about how people cut their fingers from casting braid. Makes me question if i have a weird casting technique???

Can someone post a "How to" 

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If you load up a cast with

Sun, 2008-03-16 02:54

If you load up a cast with 6lb braid and 65g metal lure for that salmon school just out of reach youll probably get your finger cut. Quite painfull when you try to keep casting on it:)
Nothing to do with technique i dont think, but nothing a good band aid wont fix.

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ahh right. Fishing out of

Fri, 2008-03-14 15:26

ahh right. Fishing out of your means then...


Wow imagine the distance youd get with that setup! LB fishing at the back of Rotto haha