Illusive sharks

Hi guys,

I've been trying and trying to pull up or even hook a half decent sized shark for the last few months with no luck. ive tried mullet, salmon heads, blue mackrel tailor (live and dead) and ballooned the lot.. ive fished from beaches a jetty and off rocks.

can anybody help?? what am i doing wrong? also any tips on chasing sharks in the river?




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Tue, 2012-04-10 18:35

Can see that you've tried off rocks, beaches and jettys with balloons etc, might help if you try in the water that is all round them because the ones you wil find on the spots you have tried won't be in any condition to take a bait.

Seriously, have you tried at night or early morning, you will have heaps more success than during the daylight hours. The northern beaches up past Quinns rocks right through to Guilderton / Moore river have been producing, look for good holes or gutters and be prepaired to wait for the bites

Fresh bait is a must,again live if you can.

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I don't get it either mate. I

Tue, 2012-04-10 18:57

I don't get it either mate. I spent all summer trying to land a shark. Many many hours on the beaches and rocks with no luck whatsoever. Then yesterday I got one from the boat, on the bottom in 40 metres. No wire, a 4/0 hook and a cube of sargeant baker for bait. Was stoked to finally get one, but sure had me scratching the head.

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yeh i only ever start fishing

Tue, 2012-04-10 19:28

yeh i only ever start fishing for them from an hour before sundown and satdie morning i started at 2am down on Challenger beach(which i heard has a lot of sharks because of the hot water pipes) and was there til 9am, had fresh salmon heads, a mate had spanish mackie fillets n it all came back untouched. I pased out 20m of line to attach a sinker to where i attached my ballons coz the wind wasnt helping n my bait was in roughly 18m, but nothing.

will have to concerntrate more on the livies i guess


cheers for the help cobba


the only boat i can use is my brothers dinghy n he's not too keen on letting me use it for sharks haha shame, would of been nice to get towed around by a whopper!

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Wed, 2012-04-11 07:54

Tie a piece of meat to your foot and go for a swim up and down 1 of the beaches!!!  Bet ya $50 1 will come and check you out!!!!  Might be a GW but you did say you wanted a decent sized bugger!!!!   ;-)


But on a serious note... Ive found about 3-4 hours after the high tide is the best time to catch them...  Thats just me though.. And Im not targeting them..

I hook into the fish 2 hours before to 2 hours after high tide, then a lull in action... then the bloody sharks!!!!

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dan 05, you used mackie

Wed, 2012-04-11 13:56

dan 05, you used mackie fillets for shark bait? whats wrong with you? i didnt quite get what you were saying on your last post, you had 20m of line under the balloon going to your bait with a sinker? and i buggered if i can name a beach with 18m water depth. i want to help but im stumped with your info.

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yeah i was just as suprised

Sat, 2012-04-14 14:24

yeah i was just as suprised when my mate rocked up with mackie fillets for bait but i had fresh slamon so we just gave them both a crack.


i'll explain the rig i used that night n you may also be able help me if you think im doing something wrong.

Mainline (30lb braid) down to a swivel. Attached to that is a 2m 135lb wire trace (this join is where i attach both my baloons and 20m of 6lb line going down to my terminal sinker. the idea is to keep my bait 2m from the surface but also stop my baloons from drifting with the current or wind). attached to the end of the wire trace is another swivel that has 450lb wire with 2 14/0 hooks.


--------Mainline------------ swivel--------2m 135lb wire trace------swivel-- 2x14/0 hooks crimped on 450lb wire

                                     ----20m of 6lb line down to sinker

I'll try to upload a photo....

the beach is Challenger beach in kwinana. I hade paddled the bait out about 150-200m.


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Come to Carnarvon

Sat, 2012-05-05 17:04

Went out fishing Tuesday and Thursday...... Nothing but 100's of sharks.....  so thick, they were circling boat... It was like a tv doco....  water was really clear...

small sharks on the surface, then the deeper you looked.... the bigger they got!!!!!!  Fn 100's n 100's of the bloody things!!!!

And not far offshore either....  Couple of spots called the ballast ground and the barge...  Ballast ground I have never seen so many bloody sharks there before!!!!