Isdell, Charnley and Calder rivers

 Making some plans to explore these river systems from the ocean side as far up as we can get in trailer boats this winter, wondering if anyone has been in and can share some advice, or if you know of anybody you can refer me on to   cheers 

Pic: Prince Regent River 2 years ago


Dave Hancock

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 Hi Dave,I went on a charter

Mon, 2017-05-01 22:18

 Hi Dave,

I went on a charter boat as far as the intersection of the Calder and Charnley Rivers a few years ago.  There is a deep area that holds water near this intersection you could anchor in.  The Calder is fairly shallow from the intersection, we took a small dingy up to the fresh salt interface on a spring tide to do some survey work on a proposed community. There is some fantastic pools as you walk upstream with jacks etc.

I haven't been up the Charnley but from other people I have heard there are some large rock bars that stop progress, but I'm not sure how far.

The Yule entrance at the start of the Walcott is an interesting place on a big tide!  Plenty of whirlpools and standing waves.  great year to be up here there is so much water around.


Cheers Brad

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Mon, 2017-05-01 22:39

 that is truely an amazing looking bit of country!