Jigging up north

Hi guys,

Now that I have a jigging rod, I thought I would get some jigs to cover all my bases (minnows, skirts, poppers, stickbaits, casting metals, soft plastics, slow jigs (firetails, taikabura), fast jigs ).

Hoping to drop some jigs down into some schools when we run over them. Picked up 3 smith jigs, 1 raider. Got some 60-70g metals I can assist hook as well. Got a couple of assist hooks (need more), owner solid and split rings and BB's. All 150lb (split rings may be 120?). 50lb braid being used.

I figure there will be quite a few macks up there, and a chance of them swiping your jig even if you're targeting something else. I dont particularily want to loose too many jigs. Going to rig them as Mav/Honsu/etc do (BB->split ring->lure/assist hook off split ring). I figure a wire assist would be best?(due to mackerels). I'm thinking of using some 100lb, supple 7 strand, crimped and heatshrinked. Honsus option was to daisy chain split rings, but that can be quite expensive as you'd need a few packs of hyperwire :p.

Lures are 140, 160, 185, 185mm long, in the 150-200g range. So thinking the bottom of the hook should be approx 60mm down which makes it 1/3rd to 1/2 of all.(will be split ringing jigs on to swap). Should that be the point of the hook though?


So, short questions:

1. Wire on assist? How?

2. Length to hook point?

3. Short length leader wire, or heavy mono? Bite twist leader onto mono? (Have 100lb momoi atm btw)

4. Wind on leader(4-5m 150lb?) or just 1-2m of the heavy mono leader?

5. BB on leader, or assist hook as well/only?


A lot more info out there if you want to jig for sambos, but I dont know much much mackeral jigging people do (either targetted or incidental catch :p)

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Wed, 2008-06-11 16:34


1. Wire on assist? How? You can buy them or just make them up yourself with 49 strand wire & crimps etc!

2. Length to hook point? Have your assist hook high up near the head!

3. Short length leader wire, or heavy mono? Short bit of 49 strand 80lb wire to B/B swivel! Bite twist leader onto mono? (Have 100lb momoi atm btw)

4. Wind on leader(4-5m 150lb?) or just 1-2m of the heavy mono leader? I'd use a wind-on leader at 150lb!

5. BB on leader, or assist hook as well/only? B/B on hyperwire split ring to lure. I also have my assist hook off another hyperwire splitring that has a small crane swivel which will attach to your wire assist. This makes it independant & free to move around.






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Thanks Ryan.

Thu, 2008-06-12 01:35

Thanks Ryan. Laughing

I used some 49 strand wire I had to rig up two options (thought it was 7 strand, but its 7x7, i.e 49, about 100lb, 30cm long, flemish ends).

The actual wire in the assist bit ended up being very short, approximately 2cm. (two crimps ended up butting up against each other). Due to the length, adding a split ring seemed to make the length right.

Left is BB->split ring->lure and barrel-wire-hook
Right is BB->2 split rings, one to jig, one to barrel swivel-split ring-hook.

I'm not sure where you meant the second split ring was supposed to go. Putting it at the top of the BB would mean the hook can spin independantly of the jig, whereas the above has some degrees of motion but will rotate with the jig. Not sure whether the split ring would interfere on the top BB ring.




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I find when using mono on

Thu, 2008-06-12 11:22

I find when using mono on jigs in north that you get heaps of fish and lose lots to sharks. not a place for $40 jigs. Put wire on, the action of the jig is affected and no bites at all.


If anyone has had success from using wire with jigs I'd be interested how you rig them.