Kimberly fishing trip

Hi All
I have a trip planned from the 5/5/08 to the 22/6/08 to the kimberly's.I will be heading right up to Kulumbaru and stopping at all the spots along the way el questro ect. I was wondering if anyone had any land based Barra hot spots that they know of or any information at all on fishing spots in the kimberly area. Any info would be a great help so I can use my time fishing in the best possible way.


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walcott inlet

Sat, 2008-01-26 06:18

I went up there in sept. Walcott inlet is a hot spot but well out of the way, You have to head up through a station. Gnarly track in there too especially with a camper trailer.

Up at kalumbaru as you head out toMc Gowans island area, great camp area right on the water, there is a gorge on the river on the left, its sign posted we got some there on lures. you can also live bait round at another river mouth to the west easy sand track to there.
Heading up to K when you stop at drysdale station you can camp at miners pool - sooty grunter in there, at the turn off to mitchell falls you have leopold river i think, grunter in there.

I got grunter in another creek /water hole along the Gibb.

go north along the pentacost not far, tio the killing tree you can live bait there to with good results.

Will add more info when the boss isn't staring at me.
Cheers corey.

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woohoo we're back

Mon, 2008-01-28 04:26

Part 2, Also you can try on the Ditsroy when your head away from broome, it's just near a service station but can't remember the name of it, there is a place you can camp there aswell just off the highway. If your starting from the Derby end and you have the time Definately try the May river just on the start of the gibb. Head in on the north side of the road you head right at the fork(left goes to homestead) then go through a gate, drive down stream at the river, great land based in there, we used to just go down and through lures towards the rocks and hook up.

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The kimberley definately has

Mon, 2008-01-28 10:13

The kimberley definately has some out of the way fishing spots, anywhere with water is worth a try. We got sooties in just about every freshwater river/billabong/gorge we fished.

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Thanks corza Thats been a

Tue, 2008-01-29 13:56

Thanks corza Thats been a great help and will give me some spots to try my luck.

So many fishing spots. Not enough sickies!!!!!!!