Koden v Furuno 1 Kw

 Hey Guys

So, i have sold my boat, moving on to my next venture- building a 6.5 M centre cab ali tub. I have just had a Furuno 587 with TM 260...hoping for some feedback from guys who use theirs and not just salesmen..but after some advice on any brands really..but leaning toward the Koden..

We fish regulary between 75-120m, and deep drop quite often upto 400 m. Had great use of my 587, just seeing what is new and improved out there.

Also im interested if anyone is using the transducers in hull that do not require a wet box- kind of like a down light- hole saw, then insert and tighten etc.



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I have a 587 and good mate

Tue, 2018-11-13 16:31

I have a 587 and good mate has a koden 128. They are really similar units.

I think the koden is slightly better if you spend the time to tweak it. But it does take more effort than the furuno.

Furuno gives a better pic if you are just going to run in auto.

Really not much difference between the 2 and neither would be considered to be anything like the ‘latest and greatest’. Both solid dependable units.  


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I loved my 587 paired up with

Tue, 2018-11-13 17:01

I loved my 587 paired up with a set of airmar ss264 1kw trannies was great at 25+ knots up until around 150m then had to slow for better clarity and switch frequency and it was unreal not cheap but well worth it as you wernt guessing about what your reading and the narrow beam angle defenatly made life easier.

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 thx guys yes-i loved my

Wed, 2018-11-14 07:57

 thx guys


yes-i loved my 587....but if money [and wife] allows, id like to step up to 295...fingers crossed..:)


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Koden gear is very good, I

Thu, 2018-11-15 05:52

Koden gear is very good, I use a CVG-80 as a stand alone plotter and a CVS-841 sounder with 2 x ss-264 1kw. My 841 will punch out 3kw but have not got around to installing the 3kw tranny.

If you want to spend some serious coin look at the Koden CVS-FX1, uses 1 tuneable transducer and you can save settings, ie deep drop tweaking can be saved so no more fine tuning when get to where you want to fish. It also has port port underwater camera's.