Land Based Fly fishng Exmouth

Hi there,

Planning to do some land based fly fishing in Exmouth.
The guys I had planned with cancelled but I have already purchased a ticket flying into Perth at the end of Nov.
Since I now have to bear the full cost of gas, I'm looking for anyone with a similar interest to split the cost of renting a car and splitting lodging.
Or if you're going to be up there and don't mind some company, I'd be happy to drive up and meet you up in Exy.

On a budget so will be traveling pretty basic and eating roadkill.

I had posted an earlier topic inquiring what to bring:

but that was assuming we had a boat.

Any tips appreciated or If you're game, message me your number and I'll call right away to make arrangements.

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Hi Desmond

Mon, 2009-10-19 15:56

Unfortunately I'm not going to be around much in November, otherwise I'd be keen to catch up and go for a fish (not much of a fly fisho, but I know the spots)  The problem is your coming right in the middle of windy season, which is going to make it hard work for you.  But if you spend some time down in the national park (watch the sanctuaries) you will definately find some fish.

I hope it all manages to work out for you.




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Tue, 2009-10-20 00:41

Thanks Adam,

Seeing that this may turn out to be a one-man-operated trip. Will probably have to get realistic and scale down.

Trying my best not to scrap the trip as I don't know when I'll have time off.
May bug you later for specific spots to try if that's ok - to save me from long hikes through the heat.

Since I'm stuck on the beach am thinking of going with the two handers instead. Got a double handed #8/9 and a #6 both running home-made shooting heads.

I guess at any time I'll only be able to carry one fly rod and a popping rod (any fishing is good fishing) strapped to my back for when it's too windy, Got a Saragosa 8000 on a Kaibutsu LP, dunno if that is over/under-gunning it from the beach.

This is going to be an interesting trip!!!! But at least I'll get to hang a hammock when I feel like it.