Max drag on DB 64CJ

Hey guys, I thought this forum would be the best to post this question.... Im looking at getting a Demon Blood 64cj and was wondering what abuse people have put them through. I aim to mate it with a 4500 saltist for various uses. Also whats the go with upgrading the drag If the rod can handle more than 10kgs, has anyone upgraded the drag on a saltist? Any help would be good, I like to fish light and Im hopin this combo can land me some big fish with fun


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I think its pe 2-4 so its

Mon, 2012-03-26 21:08

I think its pe 2-4 so its rated to about 40-50lb. Wouldnt want to put more than 10kg of drag through it thats for sure. I think you will also find that the saltist will be way too big.