Montebello Island Safaris

Hi FW crew, big shout out to the team at Montebello Island Safaris. Just got back from my second trip out there with these guys and can't say a bad word about them. This trip was very different to the last one, but just as amazing. Caught some great fish and saw some amazing sights. From 4 way hook ups of spanish macks, sailfish hooked on 30lb jig outfits, weighed 25kg GT, big sharks, big trout, trolling, casting, bottom bouncing, stick baits, poppers, jigs, bait. So much variety and so much fun. Food was great, and watching the skipper (Mouse) fillet macks in just seconds was simply impressive!

Nathan, Kirk, Mouse & Wade-O, keep doing what you are doing, I'll be back for round 3 soon! (But not soon enough!) Anyone considering a charter out there I strongly suggest you consider these guys.



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Sun, 2019-06-23 16:56

Been twice. It’s a bloody good trip. I recommend it also. Matty was the skip both times I went.

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Sun, 2019-06-23 19:25

Yeah Matty was skipper the first time I went, young fella but very clued in. He's now working in the oil and gas game. New skipper Mouse is ex pro macky fisherman, to see him filleting them is pure artistry!