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 Gday All,

Read most of the the trip reports and info on doing monties trips with your own boat and there's a some goof info for sure.

What im after is the best Camp spots out the monties with preference to places that the tide does not dry out, been searching maps and charts and have a few in mind but really would like the experience of other that have done the trip a few times and know the area better.

We ideally wanna stay in the northern section but open to others experiences and stories. Photos of bays an camps are much welcomed.

Cheers guys


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Weather pendant

Wed, 2019-05-15 21:25

Hi Rob, we have just done a 5 day trip. I think it would depend on where the prevailing weather is coming from. We had a tender so stayed a little deeper but the other boats with us just stern picked it on the beach the pulled out overnight. Only the last couple of nights when the wind shifted and blew up would it have been good for us to move around the corner which 2 boats did and had a better night than we did. 



Ryno Macca

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Just back myself, camping onboard

Sun, 2019-05-19 17:38

 We stayed in Home Lagoon-mate was camping ashore, we went ashore for a bit of socialising each sunset. Excellent shelter from any direction. If you keep to neaps, it has plenty of water.  Outside the south entrance gets real shallow below 0.8m , but the entrance and the pool inside is fine. The north entrance is always accessible,and deep,  but you can't go far inside as it gets shallow quick.  Champagne Bay dries out under 0.75 , except for a large deep pool at the north end , which always has access to deep water. It really depends on whether you plan to camp ashore, or on the boat. If you have the boat for it, onboard is better, much more flexible. Just find a beach to unload your fuel and extras, then anchor where you want.

Chianti Bay on Alpha island is excellent, deep water, but you wouldn't want to camp ashore. (radiation)  There is another, smaller beach just north which would be a good fuel dump. Chartreuse Bay nearby isnt that great in an easterly, good in all other quadrants from SE through to NW. You need to be mindful of the radiation risk areas, shown on the marine park brochure, when choosing a camp spot ashore. Lots of beaches on the west side, but probably not great shelter from the SW. All good from E-SE-NE. 

We really need a sticky on this, IMO--not fishing tips, just general camping,launching, weather for crossing, etc. get it all inoneplace, stay at the top.