Moore river

 Hey guys im heading to moore river on tuesday for a couple days and was hoping to get a bit of fishing and maybe a few sneaky crabs in aswell, ive only fished there once in my life a couple years ago, is there any fish biting at the moment ? if so what areas should i be going towards and would there be any point in chucking some crab pots down? 

thanks a heap guys!!

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I was there yesterday amongst

Sun, 2013-01-27 16:01

I was there yesterday amongst the other flag wavers...didn't see anything caught on the river or on the beach (didn't do any fishing myself...far too crowded) but there appeared to be gazzillions of herring inside the river. I've never failed to catch anything there, just never anything thats a reasonable size. Plenty of water at the moment, so much so that you can tie off your boat off in front of the picnic area.

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I was up there three days

Sun, 2013-01-27 20:20

I was up there three days ago... fished up near the groin (whats left of it)  shitload of weed and lost five rigs until i moved about three hundred meters south and found some sand. Lots of rock exposed after rough weather the closer you get to the groin. Did nail a couple of taylor to 40cm but hard work. Havnt tried the river for a while.   good luck



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Sun, 2013-01-27 20:51

 ok cheers guys!

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good luck

Sun, 2013-01-27 22:29

Woud love a report when you get back nickk, I'm heading up for a couple nights starting thurs.




beached as bro! 

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Mon, 2013-01-28 14:19

 yeah definately mate!!