Nanga bay

 Going up to Denham for 10 days in a few weeks. Hopefully weather should be good enough to get outside the island but looking at other options inside bay or Monkey Mia side.

Would like to have a fish out of Nanga as haven’t been there for over 20 years. Can anyone tell me if you can take your boat and launch there, fish for the day then go back to Denham without needing to book or go through the Nanga station/resort?

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Ring first

Sun, 2019-03-10 14:22

 Ring Nanga resort first as they have been shut down for a couple of months and you might not be allowed to launch there. They don't mind if the resort is up and running, just ask for Mark or Keith.


Monkey Mia side has been producing some fish in the channels down around Faure island on tide change.