need advice, my paternoster rigs are twisting up

Hi Everyone, last time i went out fishing i used a 3way crane swivel as part of my paternoster rig, every time i wound my line in i found the hook had wrapped around the leader about a million times (problem with crane swivel maybe??). What do you guys prefer using when making a simple paternoster rig for offshore bottom bashing... some kind of 3way swivel or a dropper loop/knot? Think I'll be going back to tying the dropper loop and ditching the swivel


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What's your bait?

Sat, 2014-03-29 18:35

When I used to use bait for bottom fishing I would always put the hook through the mouth (up through the chin) to stop it from opening on the way down...keep it more streamlined...did it with herring/whiting, even mulies. Also, the double snell helps to stop filets/whole squid/occy tentacles from twisting the line.


I also only ever used dropper loops/knots...don't know if that helped with the twists but I'm a big believer in putting the bait on properly.

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+ 1 likely cause is bait

Sat, 2014-03-29 18:57

+ 1 likely cause is bait spinning on way down or in current


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I use the same swivels yes

Sat, 2014-03-29 19:04

I use the same swivels yes they do twist but so will most other swivels It 's the way your putting your bait on the hook .Just try different things ,if they keep twisting shorten the line between the swivel and hook,You don't need a long trace 200-300mm is good, or change the line after a couple of hours fishing. 


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higher poundage leader will

Sat, 2014-03-29 19:07

higher poundage leader will help


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Thanks for the replies, i'll

Sat, 2014-03-29 20:07

Thanks for the replies, i'll give all these tips a go next time i'm out. The bait i was mainly using was fresh wrasse fillets and also small live wrasse (hooked back of neck near head) The line i was using was 40lb black magic fluro. Now that i think of it, i was using squid at the start of the day and didn't have any dramas so it must be my baiting skills causing it to spin haha. I'll get it sorted eventually :)


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yea ive swtiched to using

Sat, 2014-03-29 21:10

yea ive swtiched to using dropper loops works a treat

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 Dropper loops are the way to

Sun, 2014-03-30 10:04

 Dropper loops are the way to go, I only use 100lb leader and only one swivel tied to the main line. Make the loops 300mm long and tie a figure 8 loop at the centre of the loop and this will help stiffen it up a bit. 


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