New to Jigging, got few Questions

Hi Everyone. I figure im gonna struggle finding the right info just cruising the forums, so here i am with a few questions, alot of you locals sound very knowledgeable of something i am very new to. hope to learn much.

Firstly i am over the otherside @ Cairns, tropical NQ. I fish every other day, whether chasing sooties top water, jacks in the creeks barra on the headlands, fingermark and nannygai at the inshore wrecks, reds offshore, and just now am i starting to chuck poppers for GT, and jig metals and softies for whatever wants to play.

i have got doubles of the twinpower fbs. they are nice, but... yeah. i have a torsa 16 and a saltist 40. i have jigged a little with them, on jigwrex pe4  and monstermesh pe6-8. uncomfortable.

OK Now.. i just purchased stella 5000sw, pe 3 ygk ultra 20kg, i want to put it on a jm powerspell 150.        Any thoughts on this... is this braid to heavy for the reel, maybe 30lb is better, should i use a jm 100, or something entirely different?

Also.. im looking at either the stella 8000pg or the 10000. i have 300m saltiga sensor pe5 75lb for it. What is considered more ideal for  jigging perhaps on a jm 300/350, the cranking power or the speed? ithe lower geared 8000 retrieves almost a metre a turn, so its not exactly slow is it. i will fish around 80m, i would like to use this reel for surface lures as well, for GTs around 20kg... so before i make a mistake, not that buying a stella is a mistake, i think i just need a bit of info based on experience so i can make the right choice.. you know what i mean.

and again the same delemma @ the fat end of the stellas the 18000 and the 20000, jigging 100m+ and popping for 40kg+ GT. is it possible from the same reel? anyone doing this? does it hurt? or how have others got around the problem? 

Righto i guess thats a start. thanks for ya time, hope to get a reply or two, and i hope to make a contribution here into the future. jigging isnt huge over here, already there are a few dedicated jiggers and i want to get on that boat hope to meet you all soon.



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Knowing what fish you want

Sun, 2010-01-31 15:06

Knowing what fish you want to target, what depth they are in and what jig weights you'll typically need will influence your choices a fair bit.

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lots of questions :) to

Sun, 2010-01-31 17:56

lots of questions :)

to help a little - i use a stella 20k for both jigging and popping running pe6 - 80lb

for jigging and popping i always go the slower reels as mine is also used for bottom fishing

the stella 5000 will be fine for pe3 - my light gear is a certate custom 4000 with pe2 - not sure on the jm rods but id over gun it them go to light .

as for the 8000 vs 10000 - id always go the 8000 unless it was a dedicated popper reel.

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Welcome QLD'er. I'm also a

Sun, 2010-01-31 18:00

Welcome QLD'er. I'm also a QLD'er, though, living over in the west. I personally have a 8000pg which I use for lighter jigging here & back east. It's also going to double as a lighter popping outfit. A good mate of mine that's heavily into his popping for G's uses a 20000 without drama. Saying this, I've also had a 10000fa for popping but will be upgrading to the 20000sw for popping & jigging. The lower gearing models are quite diverse. If you're going to be fishing plenty of shallow water & need to pick up slack line fast... then go a higher gear model. But IMO, good luck keeping up to a rampaging G with that extra 20cm per crank of the handle.

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Oh, you can also fit a 10000

Sun, 2010-01-31 18:01

Oh, you can also fit a 10000 spool on the 8000 if you need that extra line capacity.

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yeah cheers. i understand

Sun, 2010-01-31 18:15

yeah cheers. i understand you guys fish lock down white knuckle type of stuff with those brutal samsons. awsome stuff. well i guess for the 5000 ill fish shallow reefs inshore wrecks jigging 120g knifes, plastics, occy jigs, for species such as trout, spangled emp, red bass, cobia, trevally, makeral. the 8000/10000 jigging 250-350 grams for red emp, lm nannygai, jobfish, gt, trout, cobia, cod. the only standout sport fish would be the gt, cobia. and the 18000/20000 for GT, dogtooth around the shelf 100-120m.

i think that for jigging i go the 8000pg and the 18000. or GT poppin with the 10000 and 20000 can anyone tell me that is not neccessarily the hard and fast of it.

it all comes down to comfort in the end, the reason you buy nice gear is so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

sorry for talking to much! thanks for reading!

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I've got a good idea of your

Sun, 2010-01-31 18:26

I've got a good idea of your fishing territory, so with the G's, I'd suggest sticking to the largest model (18000 or 20000). Plenty of rat G's around, but it always helps being prepared for the bigger models. If you're travelling further a field... not doubt you'll be getting into serious fish.

The reel certainly isn't the 'hard & fast of it'. Consider a rod, line & leaders. More importantly, how to join your leader to your mainline. If you can't do this... well... you know...

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cheers feral, cheers daz.

Sun, 2010-01-31 18:27

cheers feral, cheers daz. that helps alot. yeah the 8000 isnt that slow really, and if it has the extra cranking power for the up and down stuff its almost a hands down winner. i certainly will want to chuck a plug at the edges on my way out wide, or when im looking around bommies for trout chuck a plug in the shallows. feral do you ever troll your 20000?

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Here are my answers... 1)

Sun, 2010-01-31 20:12

Here are my answers...

1) Stella 5000 with PE 3 (40lb), perfectly fine for the reel, althought you may not get all 300m on the spool, but will get most of it. The JM150 will suit the reel and the line nicely as well.

2) As others have mentioned, go the 8000PG, more cranking power. The 10000 is a high speed reel. If you require more line capacity, can always buy the 10000 spool as spare.
Since you mentioned jigging with 250-350gm jigs mostly, I go with the JM300, it can fish 50gm either way easily.

3) Unfortunately, there's no perfect reel to suit both popping and jigging. I would get the reel to suit the type of fishing you do most often. IMO, I reckon you should go the SW 20000. You can always wind faster. 20cm extra line retrieved is not gonna help if that G is gonna go but you can dog him in with the cranking power of the low gear ratio reel. Oh and dont forget to use the rod as well.

Thats my short answers.




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cheers honsu. very much

Sun, 2010-01-31 21:00

cheers honsu.

very much appreciated.

 i guess ive nutted it out, keen as spaghetti fruit! for any of you that know Cairns grounds we are doing Linden Banks on our first dedicated jigging sesh on friday. unfortunately no one over here stocks nice sticks, apart from the saltiga range tackle world have the powerspells 300 and up coming soon. so i may be forced into grabbing a couple jigwrex rods for the time bieng . any way if the action is hot ill write a report..

peace from the east!!


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jigwrex pe3

Tue, 2010-02-02 17:06

sorry for pushing the topic, but friday is fast approaching and time has caught me out, if i want to test out my new stella 5000 i ll have to settle for a jiwrex pe 3. just wondering what to expect from it, should i just hold out or will it do fine for a while. it is quite stiff, 5'10 so quite long and it has a max jig rating of only 100g. anyone used or using one. ill be jigging over structure for reefies to 8kg.


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Once you get ur hands on a Smith, Xoga, Jigging master ect...

Tue, 2010-02-02 17:17

Theres no turning back!!!!

Powerful, parabolic, light and lovely!!!


"Its a life style job"

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thats what makes the rushed

Tue, 2010-02-02 17:47

thats what makes the rushed decision hard to make. there is the option of a jm terminator 150. not very cheap considering its an outdated model.

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jigwrex isn't a bad rod. You

Tue, 2010-02-02 18:21

jigwrex isn't a bad rod. You can always sell it later if you decide to upgrade.

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The JigWrex PE3 is not a bad

Tue, 2010-02-02 20:38

The JigWrex PE3 is not a bad rod. Can handle a bit more than PE3. Ive had the PE 4 model and ran PE5 and 65lb through it. Its a good option but yeh its the least you can start from.




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who brought the bait?

Wed, 2010-02-10 15:58

well well well. i got to give it to you guys... jigging is something else. i had a go flickin those jigs, we went armed to the hilt, 50 or so jigs, hundreds of plastics, 40bibbed minnows, a few dozen pushers, a bag of saltigas, twin powers, stellas and torsas, fisherman and carpenter gt rods, a few jigwrexs, and whatever else. plus enough bait to sink an esky!

 so when the bite was on, i couldnt help but drop two whole squid down, tried and tested. kicking myself now though. perfect opportunity we had a hot bite for two hours. mixed bag, trickeys, trout, spangled, various emperors, green and rosy jobs, maori cod, potato cod, flowery cod, green spot cod,  lots more species. visited by a 16' oceanic tiger. awesome. fished 30 - 60m and was fishing 1kg leads, so i didnt really have anything stiff enough for 400+ jigs, when it wasnt running i had a crack @ 200 gms but didnt interest anything. anyway it was a successful trip by and large. i wont give up on the jigging front but think i will leave the bait @ home next time.. thanks for the info guys.

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Your Torsa 16....that is an

Wed, 2010-02-10 17:40

Your Torsa 16....that is an awesome jigging reel, and would go very nicely on a JM350.....good for the 400g jigs too

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leave the bait at home! Or

Wed, 2010-02-10 19:48

leave the bait at home! Or show strong will power not to reach for it.

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just take no bait

Thu, 2010-02-11 07:37

it will force you to get better or you'll catch no fish!! Thats how I improved my catch rate and technique on a number of species using soft plastics like tailor, snapper etc.


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