Newbie needs some help

Hi people,

I just started getting interested in fishing after a trip with a friend, catching lots of herring and thats about it. Although i have been told all about the fishy wonders of the ocean!  Next aim after herring is tailor i guess, so please help me out with these questions yea?

I got a rod from Kmart 12ft and i got some metals lures i think its 30g pilchard thingy. I also got some ganged hooks because i was told bait fish is better.

So the questions.

1. Live NOR - Quinns Rocks area.. should i be fishing at the Mindarie groin(at the very mouth of the bay)? or off one of the groins at quinns or on the beach? for tailor.
2. Read you're meant to catch them when the water is choppy?
3. Metal lure or bait fish? Also what an average size lure or hooks i should be using?
4. Any other tips!



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Do you drive a 4x4 ??????

Sun, 2007-11-11 19:12

Some of the boys are going away this week end,
Check out ladbase fishing  17/11/07
Born to fish forced to work


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yeah were gonna be chasing

Sun, 2007-11-11 19:30

yeah were gonna be chasing tailor all weekend welcome to join us if you want

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Nah i got a Wagon and a

Sun, 2007-11-11 20:03

Nah i got a Wagon and a hatch... no 4x4:( Maybe in the future who knows.
I want to join but it'll have to be on the main roads type thing.
Hope it works out in anycase i'm sure i can learn lots from a trip like this.

Thanks guys

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No worries beny, I too live

Mon, 2007-11-12 08:43

No worries beny, I too live in Quinns Rocks, I hit the mindarie groyne all the time, which can produce tailor this time of the year, if you can get past the crowds, at sunset every night off the very end, casting NW.

I bloody hate the crowds so I tend to hit a few other spots I know to "try" for the toothies... but in general, up this way, you can get tailor from the beaches, the groynes on quinns beach and the south groyne in mindarie....

Even better is the beaches south of the groyne of mindarie all the way to burns beach where it turns reefy all the way to ocean reef.

I dont have my license back till December the 3rd, so if ya want a person to go fishing for tailor with, you know im trying to scam as many rides as possible (kaitan knows this personally lol)

Otherwise, its back to illegal driving to the local spots at 5.30 in the morning for me!